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The Blue White Scholarship Foundation is is inviting application from Villanova undergraduate student should have financial hardship preventing him or her from completing their undergraduate degree program. Hence the foundation is offering the Blue White Scholarship to Junior and senior undergraduate students that will help relieve the financial burden of their college education. The purpose of the program is to be the premier higher education planning resource advancing students beyond financial aid obstacles to achieve scholastic goals at accredited colleges, universities. The each winner will get scholarship awards up to $10,000.

The Blue White Scholarship Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in support of Villanova University students and the Catholic and Augustinian character of the University. It is a leadership organization.


To be eligible individuals must:

  • Be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program at Villanova University for the academic year 2017-2018.
  • Be a rising Junior of Senior with good academic standing.
  • Have an unmet financial need as verified by the Villanova University Office of Financial Assistance.
  • Demonstrate Exemplary Character, Strong Motivation, and Personal Integrity.
  • Have Strong Academic Ability.
  • Have a Superior Work Ethic as demonstrated by Employment History or alternatively by acombinationof Community Service and Employment History.
  • Not be a member of any National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletic team. Students who play club teams are eligible to apply.
  • The scholarship program is open to those of all faiths and academic majors who embrace and exemplify Catholic values and who are committed to practicing, in their own lives, the Augustinian tradition of integrating faith and reason.

How to Apply:

To be applying for the scholarship, the candidates can download the application by the given link:

Supporting Documents:

Submit the following requirements:

  • Signed Release Forms
  • School Transcript
  • Employment Recommendation Letter- “Employment” does not include volunteer work or unpaid internships
  • A Professor Recommendation Letter
  • Individual Essays on the following question:
  • Who or What factors, experiences or issues have had the biggest influence in your life? Explain why this person or these factors, experiences, challenges or issues have made an impact on you.
  • What are your career aspirations?
  • How are you currently helping to pay for your college tuition?
  • If selected, how will you ensure that another student in the future can be helped by your actions? (See attached Franklin Pledge Letter).
  • Write an essay (if applicable) describing any extraordinary circumstance(s) or family crisis that you would like the Scholarship Committee to consider in the review of your application (e.g., death of a parent or guardian, illness in the family, unemployment, or other factors that have significantly impacted you and your family’s financial situation.
  • Be willing to complete the requirements of selected recipients.

Submitting Details:

Email completed applications to

Financial Aid and Award Money:

The scholarship is based on Financial Need, Superior Academic Ability, and an Outstanding Work Ethic, as demonstrated by Employment History.The foundation will provide scholarship awards up to $10,000 per student.

Application Deadline:

The completed Applications must be received by March 20, 2017, at 11:59 pm ET.

Link for more Information:

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