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Best Universities in Singapore for International Students 2022 | Ranking

Singapore is one Asian nation that is different from its peers. That is to say, they have striking characteristics that others don’t possess. One such characteristics are their number of languages and foreigners.

Hence, this is why Universities in Singapore always get applications from all over the world. But in this context, we’ll focus on the Best Universities in Singapore for International Students in 2021.

According to South China Post, there have been numerous cases of suicide among young people. Because they feel ashamed of how poorly they performed in their examinations.

When you take a look at the Singapore educational system, you’ll notice they have large class sizes. Furthermore, you’ll notice that test results are their greatest measure of academic ability.

As much as this is happening in the lower level education system, universities in Singapore are changing the narrative. In fact, it’s almost like they live in different worlds.

These universities have grown from academic centers to both research and innovation centers. Hence, in this article, we’ll largely focus on the Best Universities in Singapore for International Students in 2022 and more.

What are the Best Universities in Singapore for an MBA?

MBA programs usually require a degree of attentiveness because the secrets of doing well in business are in little details.

In Singapore, a lot of schools offer MBA programs at different levels, however, only a few stand out.

Hence, the best universities in Singapore for MBA are National University of Singapore Business School, Singapore Institute of Management, National Institute of Education and Singapore Management University.

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What are the Best Universities in Singapore for Master’s Students?

After you have finished your bachelor degree, you’ll need a Master’s degree to further strengthen your knowledge base.

Most times, finding the best university in Singapore for a Master’s program is difficult.

These universities you’ll see have built a reputation for having exceptional master’s programs.

Hence, the best universities in Singapore for master’s students are Nanyang Technological University, Singapore University of Technology & Design, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and American Centre of Education.

What are the Best Universities in Singapore for Undergraduate Students?

A lot of students are actually looking for universities in Singapore wherein they can pursue their choice bachelor degree programs.

These schools which we will outline have awesome undergraduate programs which students can gain admission into and eventually study.

So, the best universities in Singapore for Undergraduate students include the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Institute of Technology, National Institute of Education and Si Rajaratnam School of International Studies.

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What are the Best Online Universities in Singapore?

Due to the recent wave of the internet, online schools have started up all over the world.

These online schools usually bridge the gap of distance between students while reducing accommodation costs too.

In any way, the best online universities in Singapore are NUS, Singapore University of Technology & Design, Nanyang Technological University and Digipen Institute of Technology.

How many Universities are in Singapore?

There are a whole lot of universities in Singapore. These include both public and private universities.

However, our statistics show that there are 34 universities in Singapore out of which six are public universities.

Best Universities in Singapore for International Students 2021

Universities in Singapore have exceptional academic curriculums and patterns. Hence, they continue to progressively move forward.

We have gotten our list of the best universities in Singapore for International students by checking their admission rate, quality of education and research. Furthermore, we have rated them below 50% according to the above factors.

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#1. National University of Singapore

Overall Rating: 49.7%

Founded in 1905, the National University of Singapore is a public research university located in Singapore.

Furthermore, they have grown to become a place of pure research and academic learning.

In research and innovations, they have made a great impact. One of which is the development of new diagnostic methods.

The student support system of NUS is incredible as they continuously support students in everything.

NUS has over 10 faculties ranging from Arts to Engineering, Design & Environment down to Law.

To gain admission into NUS, to study any of the courses under the undergraduate and graduate programs.

The beautiful campus setting makes it easy for individuals to learn and make progress in their career.

Conclusively, you cannot think of any of the best universities in Singapore for International students without mentioning NUS.

#2. Nanyang Technological Institute

Overall Rating: 49.2%

Individuals respect Nanyang University for its very soothing and prestigious accommodation.

Indeed, they are pacesetters when it comes to comfortable student accommodations all over Singapore.

Their research centers are state-of-the-art wherein students can build and grow themselves in all areas.

In Nanyang, students can study from a lot of programs that they offer one of which is the Bachelor of Science.

As earlier stated, their campus is filled with amazing structures all created to aid the students learning.

Notably, Nanyang University believes in both physical and mental fitness so their gym is filled with the best equipment to help students exercise.

You can decide to pursue a program at Nanyang Technological University by clicking the button below.

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#3. NUS Business School

Overall Rating: 48.7%

Business schools are usually in a world of their own and function separately from the university.

NUS business school is such an exceptional school responsible for graduating amazing business scholars.

In this school, the best and most experienced business minds lecture students on practical business theories.

There are a lot of courses in this school for students to enroll in both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Most times, students usually get to visit business corporations and have interactions with their owners and staff.

The campus is actually set to properly represent a place where business people are trained.

So, NUS Business school remains one of the best universities in Singapore for international students.

#4. Management Development Institute of Singapore

Overall Rating: 47.9%

Singapore Institute of Management is an amazing place to learn, develop and grow your managerial skills.

In fact, it is a place of training and overall capacity development.

This management institute has branches for both students and working individuals so as to accommodate their schedules.

Furthermore, their part-time and full-time program make the choice easier for the interested applicant.

Application is very easy as it can be done online and you also need to submit a few documents.

So, this and many more reasons make this institute one of the best places for students to study in Singapore.

#5. Singapore University of Technology & Design

Overall Rating: 47.5%

Singapore University of Technology & Design is the hub of technology and design in the whole of Singapore.

Furthermore, they are highly respected for their commitment to development and hard work.

As much as they are a technology and design university, they have other departments that are doing well at the moment.

This institution collaborates with other bodies around them to find solutions to raging technological problems.

The amazing campus setting, great academic structure and curriculum plus student support make this university one of the best universities in Singapore for international students.

So, you can easily get into any of the undergraduate and graduate programs when you apply and fulfil their admission requirements.

#6. Singapore Management University

Overall Rating: 46.8%

Singapore Management University is one of the best universities in Singapore for local and international students.

Their broad business programmes are a confirmation to the above testament regarding their academic strength.

These business programs range from business administration to accounting and even human resource management.

Indeed, their astounding record of producing world-class graduates in business is the same today.

So, if you’re thinking of a place that will guide you to make the best decisions in career and business, you have a great place here.

#7. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Overall Rating: 42.4%

This school is actually one of the postgraduate schools of the National University of Singapore.

Their vision is to become a leading global public policy school in Asia developing thought leadership and governance.

Their values of imaginative and ethical resolutions when practicalized through their activities eventually build up the students.

In research, they continue to make big efforts reaching beyond all borders.

Their graduate and undergraduate programs ensure the student gets the best way of dealing with issues.

Students have a guidance counselling unit where they can share their problems and get solutions equally.

Above all, when you’re in this school, you know you’re in a place committed to your growth and success.

#8. Singapore University of Social Sciences

Overall Rating: 40.9%

Founded in 2007, the Singapore University of Social Sciences may be young but they’ve made great strides in education.

The mission of this school is to champion lifelong education to develop future thinkers and leaders to their fullest potential through their 3H’s education philosophy: ‘Head’ for professional competency with applied knowledge, ‘Heart’ for social awareness of the needs of the society, and ‘Habit’ for passion towards lifelong learning.

Excellence and perseverance are two of their many watchwords and this has made them pull through difficult circumstances.

This University offers more than 70 undergraduate and graduate programs which are under their five schools.

In essence, their five schools include; School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, School of Business, School of Human Development, School of Law and School of Science & Technology.

At this point, you don’t need any more conviction whether to choose this school or not. Why? Because with their promise, they will keep rising in the list of the best schools in Singapore for International students.

#9. Lasalle College of Arts

Overall Rating: 39.6%

Founded in 1984, Lasalle College of Arts is one prestigious art institute located in Singapore.

This school is an awesome institute led by a large number of award-winning artists in different fields.

Currently, there are 8 faculties of Arts in this school where students can learn how to use Arts to impact society positively.

The auspicious art design plastered all over the school gives the students an understanding of what the school represents.

So, if you have an interest in Arts in Singapore, you should consider this university as a top priority.

#10. National Institute of Education

Overall Rating: 34.5%

National Institute of Education is totally committed to the education of both the teacher and the student.

Hence, this is why they have their teacher education program in addition to personal and leadership development courses.

Students can make decisions on any of the higher degrees they can pursue whether a Master’s or PhD program.

When you pay attention to the surroundings, you find out how this school’s vision influenced their setting.

Their structure has helped improve the relationship between the teacher and students in addition to examination results.

In summary, The National Institute of Education Singapore remains one of the best universities in Singapore for International students.

#11. S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Overall Rating: 32.6%

S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies although a subsidiary of NTU is still one of the best universities in Singapore for International students.

This school offers both graduate and undergraduate programs spanning through a number of courses.

Furthermore, they have a lot of research centers in which they practice the theory they have learned in class.

A very recommendable thing about this school is its outstanding number of publications. Indeed, this shows that they are a thinking university.

S. Rajaratnam has external education problems for interested candidates in different faculties.

To date, their alumni body continues to grow stronger and stronger.

#12. Singapore Institute of Technology

Overall Rating: 31.5%

Singapore Institute of Technology is a place that incorporates learning and building in order to make great advancements.

Since its inception in 2009, SIT has grown from its inaugural batch of 500 students in 10-degree programs to over 7,000 students in 42-degree programs from across SIT and 9 overseas university partners.

Therefore, their degree programs are categorized into five clusters – Engineering (ENG), Chemical Engineering and Food Technology (CEFT), Infocomm Technology (ICT), Health and Social Sciences (HSS), as well as Design and Specialised Businesses (DSB).

All applied degree programs are specially targeted at growth sectors of the economy with a unique pedagogy that integrates work and study.

So, SIT’s degree programs feature a six to 12-month Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) which exemplifies the best of university-industry collaboration.

In summary, SIT invests time to build the minds of its students, because they believe its the foundation of sustainable growth.

In fact, they are currently one of the best universities in Singapore for International students.

#13. American Center of Education

Overall Rating: 30.9%

The American Centre of Education is one of the best places for international students to study in Singapore.

At ACE everyone is totally committed to providing their students with access to a high-quality educational experience using the American system of higher education.

Furthermore, the exceptional knowledge base and skills encountered in the ACE curriculum prepares students to go after educational opportunities and to gain recognition in a dynamic global society.

Currently, the large involvement of experienced American educational professionals ensures that ACE academic programs will continue to meet the highest standards.

Furthermore, all members of the staff at ACE are devoted to giving personal attention to each and every student.

As an international student, this might feel like home to you due to the nature of attention and devotion you receive. Thus, it further smoothens your path to success.

#14. DigiPen Institute of Technology

Overall Rating: 30.5%

Digipen is an academic community of builders and believers with a shared passion for technology, art, and games. In more than 10 years, they’ve trained students under a wide number of digital careers.

In this school, the educational paradigm is simple but very effective. Generally, the idea is to build your knowledge first, and then apply it to real-world problems.

At the time of your graduation, you’ll have a combination of industry-ready experience and a portfolio of work that will make you stand out among your peers.

Due to the level of skill, experience, and training that they usually gather in school, DigiPen graduates are generally sought after by digital and media companies.

In summary, you’ll be on the right track as a digital person to pick up your DigiPen application form and apply immediately to one of the best schools in Singapore for International students.

#15. James Cook University

Overall Rating: 29.6%

James Cook University might be in the last position on this list, however, it doesn’t mean they’re less superior.

James has a sympathetic interest in research and innovation and this is the reason why they keep excelling.

The student life in this school is incredibly amazing as they offer student support to students having problems.

Through their online portal, students can easily make inquiries and get information about this school’s activities.

James Cook University’s acceptance rate is currently 17% and with increased applications, it will drop.

Best Universities in Singapore for International Students FAQs

Can International students work in Singapore?

International students in Singapore are permitted to work part-time for about 16 hours.

How many government Universities are in Singapore?

There are only six government universities in Singapore. The rest are private universities.

What is the best course to study in Singapore?

Universities in Singapore have a lot of courses which are all good. So, there is no course that is so exceptional.

How many Universities are in Singapore?

There are 30 universities in Singapore. Only six of them are public universities.


Singapore keeps rising in the charts when it comes to tertiary education amidst what happens at the lower levels.

Indeed, their continuous promotion of research has immediately pushed them up among countries with amazing universities.

So why not check out these universities and make a significant decision towards your study abroad plans.


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