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10 Best Performing Arts Boarding Schools In USA | 2022

You know, one of the greatest limitations to one’s talent is the ignorance to grow it. There are reasons why different schools were made for different people. One of such is the Performing Arts Boarding Schools. So, if you reside in the US and want to see the talent in your child brought to the limelight, then, this article on the best-performing arts boarding schools is rightly for you.

Also, for you as a student, try the much you can to invest time during your stay at the high school. You never can tell where this skill will take you. So, let’s facilitate that for you.

Take a close look at the table of contents below to have an overview of the topics and scroll to any part of the article that ignites the spark in you.

What Is Performing Arts?

According to Wikipedia, performing arts refers to forms of art in which artists use their voices, bodies, or inanimate objects to convey artistic expression. It is different from visual arts, which is when artists use paint, canvas, or various materials to create physical or static art objects.

Most times, these forms of art are done by professionals who know their way around how these things work. But, your ward too can be a professional with the right training and from the right performing arts school.

As much as there are schools for this, we are narrowing our thoughts down to the boarding schools.

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Why Choose A Performing Arts Boarding School?

An outstanding feature of the performing arts boarding schools is the special training they offer their students. Since boarding schools are generally known for instilling discipline into the students and curbing every form of distractions, let’s see why a parent would not just want a day performing arts school for the child.

Unlike the majority of high schools where extracurricular activities are squeezed into the school’s curriculum, I’ll say that performing arts boarding school were specifically made for that purpose.

That is why most students who attend such high schools end up making a gainful living out of performing arts. This is because they spent a greater percentage of their lives performing.

So, these are the following reasons why you should let your child attend a performing arts boarding school.

  • In performing arts boarding schools, students receive sound academic training
  • They are given the opportunity to live and learn in the same scene.
  • Frequent exposure to other forms of arts
  • Here, they also receive a special kind of mentoring from scratch with regards to performing arts.

What Is The Cost Of Attending A Performing Arts Boarding School In The US?

Primarily, there are a number of factors that influence the cost of tuition at these performing arts schools, especially in the USA.

So, analysis shows that the tuition cost for boarding schools in the US ranges from $36,700 – $90,000 annually.

Regardless of the fact that performing arts boarding schools are way expensive, there is provision for financial aids to students who deserve them.

List Of Performing Arts Boarding Schools

In the list of performing arts boarding schools in the US, some of them fall in either the all-boys/girls or co-educational categories. So, the schools below are specialized in training students to become artists in various fields such as theatre, visual arts, ballet, and music.

Here you go!

  • Besant Hill School
  • Interlochen Arts Academy
  • Walnut Hill School for the Arts
  • Idyllwild Arts Academy
  • Alabama School of Fine Arts
  • St. Johnsbury Academy 
  • Mississippi School of the Arts
  • Buxton School
  • The Darrow School
  • Whitestone Academy

These Best Performing Arts boarding schools in the USA were ranked using the following factors as yardsticks.

This has been a basic ranking factor for us at the Worldscholarshipforum. So, while we have the education of your wards at heart, we also make sure that the tuition cost is favorable for you as the parents.

This article also considers how easy it is for students to gain admission into these high schools for performing arts in the US.

Another imperative ranking factor of ours is the number of students who share a particular boarding facility. It is glary that bigger facilities will accommodate a greater number of students, the quality of education regardless.

Besant Hill School

Located on 520 acres of land in the resort town of Ojai, this performing arts boarding school in the US provides a dogmatic college preparatory curriculum that investigates creative expression, sustainability, and different thinking.

Besant offers over 20 art electives, competitive and non-competitive athletics. With a student-teacher ratio of 4: 1, students are introduced to a travel and experiential education program.

Irrespective of tuition, 38% of students in this art boarding school in the US are eligible to get some form of financial assistance.

The student enrollment for this performing arts boarding school is 100.

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Interlochen Arts Academy

This performing arts boarding school is the nation’s first boarding arts school. Interlochen Arts Academy offers pre-professional training in music, theatre, visual arts, and creative writing.

Also, students take classes from a wide academic curriculum that prepares them both for college and creates the ability for them to shine in arts and beyond.

This exceptional performing arts boarding school accommodates students in grades 9-12 and Its curriculum allows students to invest in their chosen art form. Interestingly, the classes are handled by talented artist-educators.

In summary, the entertainment scene is mostly dominated by students from this boarding school.

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Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Located in Natick, this performing arts high school ranks as one of the best in America because of the quality of education it offers the students. More so, its boarding services are open to both the male and female folks.

This performing school of arts is enthusiastic in seeing that students grow as bold artists, mindful citizens, and curious learners.

Established in 1893, this school trains students in dance, music, theater, visual arts, and writing.

However, students may also take classes in film and media arts.

While 80% of its students have access to its boarding facility, over 30% of them receive financial aid that is based on their needs. 

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Idyllwild Arts Academy

Ranking as one of the best performing arts boarding schools, Idyllwild Arts Academy’s programs are fashioned to allow students to make the most of their harness the best of their abilities.

This boarding school is available to grade 9-12 students and both male and female students can be beneficiaries of this art school’s educational services.

Founded in 1986, this boarding school for performing arts runs a dual curriculum that is unique.

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Alabama School of Fine Arts

The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a public high school that provides the students with college preparation for growing their talents.

Also, the admission process in this school is quite competitive as the students are admitted strictly on test scores, auditions, applications, and interviews.

In addition, students in this art boarding school can complete their college preparatory education in the six majors listed as follows: creative writing, dance, visual arts, theatre, music, and math and science.

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St. Johnsbury Academy 

This performing arts boarding school offers over 200 courses that include fine and performing arts, languages, and others. As a coeducational school serving both boarders and day students, it ranks as one of the best performing arts boarding high schools in America.

It is renowned for its exceptional performance in creativity. This has made the students who graduate from here to dominate the music industry.

More so, its student-teacher ratio is 12:1. hence, the reason for their outstanding performance.

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Mississippi School of the Arts

This school for performing arts located in Brookhaven teaches students from grades 11-12 in the literary, visual, and performing arts.

It covers about 60 miles South of Jackson, Mississippi.

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Buxton School

Buxton School is a highly renowned, private, boarding school located in Williamstown, MA.

It accommodates 81 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 4 to 1. More so, the cost of tuition is $59,500.

Upon graduation, 100% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college. Additionally, there are available financial aids and scholarships for deserving students who have the need for it as well.

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The Darrow School

Employing the use of a balanced curriculum, Darrow School prepares the students with very high electives to aid the students to grow their own enticements.

The Darrow School which stands out as one of the best-performing arts boarding schools is a co-educational school with provisions for students in grades 9-12.

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Whitestone Academy

At White Stone, the educational services rendered to the students are fashioned in such a way that it celebrates the individual enrichment deposited in the students.

Providing a strong academic foundation, it encourages the students to explore his or her passion both in and out of the class.

Also, they avail the students the opportunity to enjoy real-world experiences that make learning alive.

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As good as it sounds, makes good use of every talent deposited in you.

Good luck!


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