Becca Longo Becomes the First Woman to Win an NCAA Football Scholarship


On February 1, 2017, Arizona high school Senior Becca Longo signed a letter of intent to play college football. And in doing so made history.

Becca “is the first woman to receive college football scholarship from a D-II school or higher” — an achievement that she didn’t realize immediately.

“I had no idea. It didn’t really kick in until a couple hours after, I just thought I was signing a piece of paper to go play the sport I love again. Even right now, I’m still shocked. It just doesn’t feel real.”

Becca signed on as a kicker for the football team at Adams State University in Colorado and said her high school teammates have been supportive throughout her time and even encouraged her to consider playing in college

But the road to playing football in college hasn’t always been easy for her. After all, she was breaking barriers by simply doing what she loved. Becca remembers a time when she was made fun of for wearing her jersey to school — something all of the players did. But she didn’t let it keep her from playing.

“I got a lot of negativity, and people saying I couldn’t do it. But that’s just what pushed me to do what I’m doing.”

 Becca is an inspiration to young girls everywhere who play sports, as is any woman who has paved the way in her field. She has advice for anyone else considering diving into something they love but facing criticism:

“People need to stop listening to others and let them influence their mindset. They just need to go and do what they love.”

Congrats Becca on your dream coming true. We can’t wait to see what you do next and keep in mind that everyone at Smart Girls is cheering for you!

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