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The Association of African Universities (AAU) in its commitment to development of Africa and its advocacy for students from African universities to acquire employable skills for the world of work upon graduation from their universities, has secured some funds to offer small grants of up to US$600 per person for graduate internships for its member . This the did in collaboration with the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).


  • Grant applicants should be students pursuing post-graduate degree programmes. Applicants should note that the grants are for training purposes only and not meant for the completion of theses or dissertations.
  • Applicants shall commit to undertake an internship programme for a period between twelve (12) and twenty-four (24 weeks).
  • Applications should be supported with an authorisation note from the Head of Department of the applicant’s university as well as an official acceptance letter from the establishment wishing to host the intern.
  • All applicants should submit a detailed curriculum vitae.
  • A detailed but confidential supervisory report will be required from the host institution on the progression of the applicant during the period of internship, and from the university of the applicant on academic progress after the period of internship.
  • Consideration will be given to applicants who have no practical work experience.
  • In the Grant Award Agreement, fifty percent (50%) of the total grant will be disbursed upon the submission of the required letters of intent from both the university and the employer to cater for transport and other incidentals. The other fifty percent (50%) will be disbursed after the successful completion of the internship, receipt of deliverables from the university and the employer.
  • A tracer of the intern’s employment status will be conducted six months after graduation from the university.
  • Any breach of these Conditions shall lead to the termination or invalidity of the grant for which the Grantor shall recall or request the amount awarded to be refunded.

Selection Criteria

Selection of successful applications will be based on a quota system revolving around gender (at least 40% of beneficiaries should be females); country (not more than 10 applicants per country) and language (at least 30% from Francophone institutions).

Deadline for Submission of Applications

Interested applicants should submit their applications online with all three supported documents in soft copy not later than Monday 23 May, 2016:

For more informations,please visit the  Official website for this grant


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