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Asia Center Research Fellowship Program in Abroad, 2017

The Japan Foundation Asia Center is  calling for applications from interested persons for Asia Center Research Fellowship to conduct research in abroad. The fellowship is available for the applicants from Japan and ten Asian countries.This  fellowship program is aimed at expanding  the sphere of cultural and artistic exchange.

About:The Japan Foundation Asia Center hereinafter the Asia Center expands networks—both individual and institutional—in Asia, explores new initiatives with the region, and nurtures the sense of coexistence and understanding as fellow neighbors in Asia.

Course Level: The fellowship is available to pursue research.

Study Subject: The Fellowship is awarded in the fields of arts and culture, academic exchange, and sports.

Scholarship Award: The Fellowship will cover the followings:

  • Round-trip International Airfare (discount economy class)
  • Including airport tax, fuel surcharge, etc. from the Country of Residence to the country of activity.
  • For Fellows traveling to multiple destinations, a multiple-stop ticket fare (from-and-to the Fellow’s Country of Residence) will be the maximum fare provided.
  • Stipend
  • Short-term (per diem) – 17,800 JPY – Japan, Singapore
  • Short-term (per diem) – 14,400 JPY- Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Long-term (per month) – 433,000 JPY- Japan, Singapore
  • Long-term (per month) – 350,000 JPY- Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

 Numbers of Scholarships: Not known

Scholarship can be taken in Abroad

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following area for the fellowship:

  • Be individuals specializing in the fields and/or areas listed in III. 4. Eligible Fields above. (Artists, curators, arts management professionals, producers, researchers, NPO administrators, journalists, authors, critics, sports professionals, etc.)
  • Be a resident of Japan or one of the ASEAN countries, and hold a nationality, citizenship, or permanent residency of Japan or one of the ASEAN countries. Those who are nationals of countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Japan, despite having permanent residency in countries that do, are not eligible.
  • Not violate the law or regulations of their own country by receiving a fellowship from the Asia Center.
  • Possess a bank account that can accept remittance from Japan (the Japan Foundation Headquarters) prior to or by the time of the remittance. The said bank account’s holder must be the same as the applicant’s.
  • Be able to prepare all the necessary documents and communicate with the Asia Center in Japanese or English.
  • Have the command of language(s) necessary to pursue the proposed project. Should that language be other than English or Japanese, the Asia Center may request additional document(s) proving the applicant’s language proficiency.

Nationality: Applicants of Japan, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam can apply for the fellowship.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Applicants must have previous year degree.

English Language Requirement: Applicants must have the command of language(s) necessary to pursue the proposed project.

How to Apply: Applicants can apply by post.

  • Application Forms
  • Forms A to E (five in total) listed below are required for application.
  • Submit the original A to D forms (including all attachments) as one set and its hardcopy to the appropriate office in IX. 2. Submission Locations below.
  • The two reference letters (E) must be sent directly from your two referrers to the appropriate office in IX. 2. Submission Locations below.
  • Application Form (Form I)
  • CV (including educational and work experience)
  • Acceptance Form(s) from Host Institution(s)/Individual(s) (copies allowed)
  • Information (Institutional Outline, CVs, Past Engagements, etc.) and Contact information of Host Institution(s)/Individual(s)
  • Reference Letter (Form II) (from two referrers)
  • Download the Reference Letter (Form II) from the Asia Center website and forward to your AC-FS two referrers. Each referrer must send the Letter directly to the Japan Foundation overseas office, the Japanese Embassy, or Japan Foundation Asia Center of which the applicant submitted her/his application.
  • Notify the referrers of the deadlines in advance. Reference Letters must arrive by the deadlines indicated in VI. Deadlines and Schedule of Notification of Results. Late submissions are not accepted.
  • Submit application (one original set and its hardcopy) by registered post or by delivery service (takkyubin) to the Japan Foundation Asia Center. E-mail, fax, or direct submissions will not be accepted. Write “Asia Center Fellowship Program: Application” in red on the envelope.

Application Deadline: The application deadline is June 1, 2017.

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