APPLY: IFR Merit Based Scholarship in Archeology


IFR Merit Based Scholarship in Archeology

The applications for IFR Merit Based Scholarship is currently accepted. International qualified researchers are welcome to apply. To be eligible, he or she must be current student or graduated in the past five years for any institution of higher education (community college, university, etc.). The selected scholars will be granted an IFR tuition fee reduction which is equivalent to $2,500. 

Scholarship Description
The Institute for Field Research would like to support promising young scholars that may become future leaders – both within and outside archaeology. It is hope that regardless of the career path such students may take, an archaeology field school will establish a lifelong relationship with the discipline and an understanding for the importance of the past to collective human future.

Award Value
The winners of this award may expect to receive tuition discount which is valued up to $2,500.

Level and Area of Studies
Research in Archeology and other fields.

Place of Study
The program can be taken at any IFR schools worldwide.

Eligibility and Criteria
This scholarship research award open to;

  • Any student whose application was approved for any of the IFR field schools.
  • Must be 18 years old or older at the day the field school begins.
  • Minimum GPA 3.5 (equivalent to 85% grade average).
  • Names of two individuals who will send the IFR a recommendation letter on your behalf.
  • Must be current student or graduated in the past five years.
  • There is no nationality restriction. Any student may apply.
  • Your major does not need to be in archaeology or related subject. All field are eligible.
  • Unofficial copy of your transcripts showing your current GPA/grade average.
  • Complete the application form online.

Applicants’ Nationality
There is no nationality restriction.

Application Instruction
To apply, applicants are required to provide all documents as follow:

  • Online application with full answers to essay questions.
  • Unofficial copy of your transcripts showing your current GPA.
  • Two letters of recommendation submitted via our online system.

Submission Deadline
31 March 2017.

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  1. Can you please help me? I gave IFR (Institute for Field School
    Research) a $500 deposit for the Dhiban, Jordan dig. I found them
    through the Biblical Archaeology website. It was my understanding that
    they offer assistance to offset the cost of their incredibly expensive

    I applied to 4 scholarships, which I did not receive, not one! As a
    result, I could not afford to go, because I will begin Grad School in
    Archaeology this Fall. There was no way to afford both simultaneously.
    IFR made numerous claims that they affordable and help students. All
    but me. They absolutely refuse to refund my $500. Please help!
    Thanking you,

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