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APPLY: Australian Scholarships for Papua New Guinea

Australian Scholarships for Papua New Guinea

Brief Description

Every year the Government of Australia provides Scholarship opportunities to study in Australia or local institutions for Papua New Guineans, Australia Awards are  important component of Australia’s investment in education in Papua New Guinea. They provide long and short term study and professional development opportunities for Papua New Guineans. The awards aim to:

  • develop capacity and leadership skills so that Papua New Guineans can contribute to development of PNG
  • build people-to-people linkages at the individual, institutional and country levels

Australia Awards available to Papua New Guineans to apply for include:

Australia Awards Scholarships – Applications to study in Australia every year around January to March

Types of Scholarships

  • Awards Scholarships
  • Australia Awards Leadership Program, formerly Australia Leadership Awards Scholarship.
  • Allison Sudradjat Prize, formerly Allison Sudradjat Award
  • Prime Minister’s Pacific Program, formerly Prime Minister’s Pacific-Australia Awards

Other Australian scholarships Papua New Guineans can apply for include the Endeavour Awards

In-Country Scholarships. 
PNG students can study at local universities, colleges etc under Australian Scholarships.
The Scholarships are available for the following categories

  • Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Nursing & Diploma of Nursing
  • Community Health Worker (CHW) Certificate

How to Apply

All interested applicants for Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships should contact the educational institution for an application form or information on how to apply directly to the institution .

Interested applicants MUST be accepted by the relevant educational institution listed that offer one of the approved study programs.

As each institution has its own selection criteria, it is important to ensure you meet those criteria  before you complete the application.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

You will only be considered for an Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship if you are a citizen of Papua New Guinea.

YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for a scholarship if you are not a PNG citizen and/or;

  • currently hold an Australian Government Australia Award;
  • have help a scholarship in any country in the last two years;
  • hold citizen or permanent resident status in Australia ; or
  • are married , or engaged to be married to someone who holds or is entitled to hold citizenship or permanent residency in Australia .

If you meet all the eligibility criteria listed above you are encouraged to apply.

How are applicants selected for and Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship?

Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships are awarded based on merit. If you are accepted by the institution, you will be considered for an Australian Awards Pacific Scholarship.

Selection of successful applicants will be made in partnership with the institution once selected by the institution.

What will happen if you are offered an Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship?

You will be asked to sign an undertaking declaring that you will comply with the conditions of the Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships.

Application Forms
For further information and for application forms contact Australian Awards on this email: incountry@australiaawardspng.org


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