Application Times and Deadlines for Study in Most European Countries



Application Times and Deadlines for Study in Most European Countries

This article will take a look at an important aspect of the application process which is the right time to submit your application. A lot of applications are rejected because they come after the deadline for submission.In this article we will be providing the application times and deadlines for admission and study in some European countries, they include Germany, Austria, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Luxembourg, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, UK and Sweden.

Applications sent after deadlines are usually rejected and the applicant loses out in the admission process. However, its very important that you start your admission application on time so that you can send it before the deadline.

Admission times vary from country to country. For example, countries like Finland, France and Germany start their application around January. While Sweden, Spain and Hungary begin theirs late in the year. We have compiled a list of European countries with their admission deadlines,as well as, a tabular breakdown to make work easy for you.


When to apply? – Deadlines

If you want to get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Europe in 2018, it is important to do your research early. In some countries, you may have to submit your applications up to 9 months before the start of term.

When do university applications close?

We have compiled an overview of university application deadlines in Europe – check out the table below. These application dates apply to the majority of universities in the respective countries. Some study programmes, or some private universities, may have different application deadlines before or after the entries in the table. Be sure to do your research early so that you won’t be caught in a hurry.

Europe: Application deadlines for autumn/winter semester 2018

CountryCommon application deadlines
AustriaJune to September 2018 (varies by university)
Denmark15 March 2018 (Bachelor degrees); varies for Master degrees
Estoniabetween March and June 2018; deadlines non-EEA citizens are usually earlier
FinlandJanuary 2018 (most universities); March/April 2018 (some UAS)
Germany15 July 2018 (most universities/programmes)
Ireland1 February 2018 (online) or 1 May 2018 (late paper applications)
LatviaMay/June 2018; varies by university
LithuaniaJune 2018
Netherlands (Holland)1 April 2018 or 1 May 2018 for most universities
Norway15 March 2018
Sweden16 January 2018
United Kingdomvaries by university; some accept applications until the summer; some popular courses are full much earlier

What documents do I need for the university application?

The application closing dates in the table above usually mean that by then you must have submitted your complete application. Check with the universities for the details – but in general, applying for a Bachelor or Master means you have to submit the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae (CV, or resume)
  • Previous degree certificates or grade transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency (usually IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Copy of your passport or national ID
  • Academic reference letters (sometimes)
  • Documentation for programme-specific requirements

Can I apply to university later?

It is definitely recommended to apply by the official application deadlines – and in some cases it is even technically impossible to apply later, because the websites through which you would have applied are shut down. However, many universities in many countries allow late entries when there are still places available. If you realise that you have missed the deadline, call or e-mail the university that offers the programme, and ask if they will accept a late application.
You can Bookmark this page for future reference. So find table below, a list of European countries with their admission deadlines:



Generally deadlines differ among study programs or courses. Applications should be done months ahead before the start of the program. Winter semester starts in September and summer semester in February

Ensure that you send your application before these dates to be considered for admission.


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