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Top 10 Animation Schools in Canada

Canada is undoubtedly one of the best locations to study to become a computer animation expert. It has a booming film and entertainment industry as well as hundreds of animation, game, and VFX studios.

So, if you are particular about getting the best education, study animation today in one of the best animation schools and colleges in Canada offering animation programs.

Canada has no short supply of schools and colleges where you can get an arts degree in animation. Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia have numerous art and film schools providing competitive animation degree programs.

Animation, as you may already know, is a progressive art. The media industry needs a steady supply of top-notch animators, which is why you must get a degree that will equip you with the right qualification for a rewarding job.

So, in this post, we’ll show you the best animation schools in Canada. We hope that by this, you won’t have to go all over the web sorting through numerous art schools in Canada.

Is Animation a Good Career?

Animation is a very lucrative profession. Basically, you work to produce motion pictures for games, cinemas and movies. Professionals new to this industry generally work in the capacity of junior animators in animation studios and production houses.

Becoming an animator will afford you the opportunity to work with top media houses in the country. It will get you to network and connect with so many media gurus in the industry and will ultimately pay you off well.

Do animators get paid well?

According to BLS, the median annual wage for special effects, artists and animators was $77,700 in May 2020.

Glassdoor has the national average a bit lower at $74,000. Like many other fields, compensation for animators also depends on experience: it’s not uncommon for senior-level animators or art directors to earn well into six figures.

Best Animation Schools in Canada

We will now proceed to list our top 10 animation schools in Canada in 2022. But you should know our criteria for selecting our best animation colleges in Canada.

The schools that make our list of top animation colleges have the following:

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  • They are specialized Art schools or universities and colleges with vibrant Art Scool/department/Faculty
  • These schools offer at least a popular animation program that prepares students to take animation jobs, and
  • Utilize a practical approach to teaching a comprehensive animation program.

Following the criteria above, here is a list of our top 10 animation schools in Canada.

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  • Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design
  • Sheridan College
  • Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver
  • Capilano University
  • Seneca College
  • Vancouver Institute of Media Arts
  • The Art Institute of Vancouver
  • Vancouver Film School
  • Ontario College of Art and Design
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design

In the next section, we will rank these schools in descending order.

10. Ontario College of Art and Design

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Tuition: CAD $1,479.36 – $5,716.88 p/credit

Oh yes, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD U) is on the list because you can’t talk about an Arts degree in Canada without mentioning OCAD U. OCAD University is the largest and most comprehensive art, design and media university in Canada. However, OCAD offers just one Bachelor of Arts program in Animation. But being that it is a comprehensive, 4-year degree program, OCAD university ranks as one of our best medical schools in Canada.

OCAD University’s Digital Painting and Expanded Animation (Drawing & Painting) program have a four-year duration. In this program, you’ll take the core Drawing & Painting classes but also experiment with stop motion techniques, 3D animation and 2D visual effects for animation and painting. At the end of this OCAD’s Animation program, you’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA).

The beauty of the program is that you emerge as a more versatile graduate who can work in Artistic practice; Animation; Mural Work; Film, video, and TV Production.

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9. Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $2,764.17 – $10,216.89 (18 Credits)

Emily Carr University of Art and Design is another of the best animation school in Canada on our list with its two-degree programs on Animation.

This Canadian university is a wholly art higher institution with four faculties providing leading art, design, and media degree programs, certificates, continuing education courses, graduate studies, and research opportunities.

However, on animation, Emily Carr offers the 2D + Experimental Animation Major and the 3D Computer Animation Major.

These two programs are 4-year programs which equip graduates with a Bachelor of Media Arts. The 2D + Experimental Animation Major embraces diverse animation media and crafting practices. Students develop as creative animation designers and critical thinkers.

They explore forms of narrative storytelling through classical animation in both traditional and digital drawing methods. Emily Carr’s 3D Computer Animation Major, on the other hand, brings animation to life.

The program offers students hands-on animation production experience that will prepare them for life after school, whether as commercial artists or independent filmmakers.

Emily Carr can also tell of the grand achievements of its alumni. The award-winning “Late Night” animation and the CGI Animated Short Film, “Lucky” was developed by Emily Carr scholars.

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8. The Art Institute of Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $44,625 – $57,750

The Art Institute of Vancouver or the LaSalle College Vancouver is another of the best colleges in Canada for an animation degree program. They may not be loud about their success, but the Art Institute of Vancouver has produced some exceptional alumni. One of their alumni, Calista Chandler works with Disney on Various Disney XD production.

The Art Institutes of Vancouver offers an Animation Art & Design diploma program that lasts for 7 quarters. In this program, you’ll begin with a foundation in drawing, color, design, and computer applications then progress to 2D animation, 3D animation, modeling, acting, and pantomiming. Graduates of the Art Institute of Vancouver’s Animation program take up entry-level jobs as a 3D animator, 2D Animator, Motion Capture Artist, e.t.c.

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7. Seneca College

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Tuition: CAD $10,469

Seneca College is one of the places where you can convert your passion to profession. Its Arts, Animation & Designs programs are one of the best in Canada. Its animation programs include 3D Animation, Animation, Game Art and Animation, and Visual Effects for Film and Television. There is just no way you won’t enjoy studying animation in Seneca with its experiential learning and engaging curriculum.

Seneca’s 3D Animation program is a certificate program that will develop your skills in animation, modeling, rigging, lighting, rendering, and composition. Its Animation program is a three-year advanced diploma program. Seneca’s Game Art and Animation Program is an eight-month graduate certificate program, as well as its Visual Effects for Film and Television.

Providing all these animation varieties, Seneca College makes our list of best animation schools in Canada.

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6. Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $36,458.00

Visual College of Arts and Design (VCAD) is another comprehensive Arts college in Canada that offers a degree program in animation. VCAD’s animation program is the 3D Modelling Animation Art and Design. This program grooms you to be a 3D Texture Artist, 3D Character Artist, 3D Character Animator, and 3D Lighting Specialist who is in hot demand.

VCAD’s reputation in 3D animation makes them one of the best 3D animation schools in Canada. Their diploma program takes you through 4 years of learning game development, staging scenes, game environments, storyboards, and designing and animating 3D characters using industry-standard software.

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5. Capilano University

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $31,644 – $66,867

If you want to become an expert in 2D and 3D computer animation, then you should be eyeing Capilano University. Capilano offers a two-year 2D Animation & Visual Development Diploma as well as a two-year 3D Animation for Film & Games Diploma program.

Capilano’s 2D program trains you on animation and animation design after which you’ll find promising careers in TV animation like some of the school’s alumni. On the other hand, the 3D animation program in Canada will provide you with the artistic skills you need for a fulfilling career in the computer graphics and animation industries.

If you choose to complete these two diploma programs at Capilano, you will just be getting yourself ready to join the happy list of Capilano alumni working in 20th Century Fox, Rockstar, Dreamworks, and EA.

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4. Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $25,750.00 – $31,750.00

You can refine and unleash your creative wizard at Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Vanarts). This is one Arts college in Vancouver that ensures that its students study to become the best creatively, intellectually, and emotionally in preparation for a fulfilling career. However, Vanarts offer only Animation program for the duration of twelve (12) months.

Vanarts 2D/3D Character Animation is a full-time program that can be the game-changer for you. Their alumni have gone on to produce groundbreaking animation for the screen. Eight (8) of Vanarts alumni worked on the popular Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse at Sony Pictures. Also, a local animation studio selected 19 Vanarts graduates to work on the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie.

If you know you’re cut for greatness, then one year at Vanart’s could be what you need to kick you into the limelight. Their 2D/3D animation program focuses on character animation through body mechanics and performance, and strong foundation training in modeling, lighting, character building and art direction. Of course, you’ll be using industry-standard software and learning from award-winning faculty.

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3. Sheridan College

Location: Oakville, Ontario

Tuition: CAD $9,733 – $28,492

Sheridan College’s Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design (FAAD) is another unique comprehensive animation school in Canada. The faculty offers a total of 37 programs that trains you to become performers, animators, filmmakers, designers, and artists.

If you’re looking to grab an animation degree in Canada, Sheridan College is one of the places to look to. This animation College in Canada offers an Honors Bachelor of Animation that has produced a good number of Academy Award Winning Animators.

This program takes you on a joyful and challenging ride where you’ll learn from industry professionals who employ a hands-on style of training and allows you creative freedom. You’ll also learn the classical principles of animation in several forms including 2D and 3D. One of the beautiful things about this program is that you get a chance to learn in the industry through a three-month work placement.

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2. Vancouver Film School

Location: Vancouver, BC

Tuition: CAD $10,500 – $53,250

Thinking about specialization in any kind of animation? Then think of Vancouver Film School. Vancouver Film School (VFS) is an art school in Canada that prepares you for a glamorous career in acting, animation, film & TV production, screenwriting, programming, makeup, sound, interactive or game design. The school’s programs to build you to become any of these are post-secondary programs that deliver the most current and on-demand techniques.

The interesting thing about VFS is that they offer various courses in animation, making you a genius in a particular aspect. You can choose between its 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Classical Animation, and Animation Concept Art.

VFS 3D Animation & Visual Effect is a 12-month diploma program that trains on visual effects and modeling. Its Classical animation program is also a 12-month diploma program which delves into the fundamentals of drawing, animation, and basic art direction. VFS Animation Concept Art is also a 12-month diploma program. However, this program trains on the creation of characters and worlds for animation.

Visual Arts Vancouver is a force to reckon with ranking #1 in the world in both Animation program and International Animation Schools by Animation Career Review.

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1. Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Tuition: CAD $11,850 – $14,000

Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design is one of the places in Canada you have to go to get a comprehensive education on animation. It is one of the best animation colleges in Canada. Max offers a 4-year diploma degree course in Classical & Computer Animation and Production, Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts, and Concept Art for Animation & Video Games.

The interesting thing about Max the Mutt’s animation program is that their instructors are working professionals who have working contact in the animation community. So, you will not only be learning from professionals who are expert in the field but also building a strong network for the future.

Also, Max the Mutt animation program’s curriculum involves 2D and 3D computer animation which you’ll learn in your 3rd and 4th year respectively. Thus, you’ll graduate from Max the Mutt with a solid portfolio, a demo reel, the skills to write a cover letter and résumé, an online profile page, and the ability to conduct yourself professionally in a job interview.

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How do I go to an animation school?

It is easy to go to an animation school. All you need to do is have a plan for the location you’ll like to attend an animation school and then the kind of animation degree you want. After that, search for the animation school that meets your criteria. Our post on the top animation schools in Canada will guide you on selecting an animation school.

What education do you need to be computer animator?

The minimum requirement for an animator is a diploma degree, which is a post-secondary degree. Employers like to see a portfolio and a demo reel of your work to prove to them that you’re worth employing. However, in the USA, and certain other countries, you may need to get a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (BFA) to start your career as an animator. Afterward, you can take up a Master’s degree in Animation as well as update your skills with short certificate courses.

What degree do I need to be an animator?

You need a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art (BFA) or a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts to become an animator. However, if you have a convincing portfolio and a diploma, some employers will consider you.

What courses do I require for animation?

When you major in animation in most animation schools, you’ll start with foundation courses in art, drawing, multimedia, 2-D and 3-D animation, and graphics.

Do animators go to premiers?

Depending on the kind of Premier, animators may be able to attend. Premiere with the e* at the end is a ceremonial event. The purpose is to draw media attention before its first official opening date, so, yes animators can attend this. However, Premier without the e* at the end is a serious (red carpet) event where attendance is by invitation. So, the animator may be invited, or they might not be invited.


British Columbia (BC) and Ontario, in Canada, are the best locations in Canada to get an animation program or degree. These are the places with the best animation schools in Canada. While there may be other animation schools in Canada, our list of best animation schools in Canada will guide you to attaining the height you hope to attain.


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