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The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has officially Launched the 5th Edition annual Best of the Chesapeake Photo Contest. All applicants who are older than 18 may apply for the contest or less than 18 are welcome to participate with a parent/guardian signature on the entry form. The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has many opportunities for you to get involved in helping to restore and protect the lands, rivers, and streams of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. If you have dozens of photos of the waters, lands, and critters of the region saved somewhere on your computer, submit any images that capture what life is like here in the Chesapeake! Through the contest, cash prizes will be awarded for first ($400), second ($250) and third place ($100) winners!

The Alliance mission is to lead, support, and inspire local action to restore and protect the lands, rivers, and streams of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.In 1976, the Citizens Program became the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and its voluntary collaborative consensus-based approach became the model for the regional Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) Partnership.


  • All applicants must older than 18 should enter the contest.
  • Entrants under 18 are welcome to participate with a parent/guardian signature on the entry form.

How to Apply:

To apply for the photo contest, the applicant can submit online application through the given link:

  • Each photographer may submit up to 3 photos.
  • Each photo must be submitted as a separate entry.
  • Photos should be at least 2,600 x 2,000 pixels at 72 dpi (saved at the maximum quality setting). If your photos are larger than that, there is no need to reduce their sizes—larger images are acceptable and may improve your photos’ quality. There is a maximum file size of 10 megabytes per image. Original sizes of camera-made digital photos must be 6 megapixels or larger. Pixel dimension factors into their voting process and higher resolution images may improve your chances of winning.
  • There is no fee to participate but they encourage you to join the Alliance and become a member. The link is:

Supporting Documents:

If you under 18, submit your information and photo via the online form, then download the PDF form and complete it with a parent/guardian signature. The link is:

Send online your favorite photos that you have taken of the Chesapeake Bay or along the streams, creeks, rivers or forests of its amazing watershed from New York to Virginia!

Submitting Details:

The applicant must submit the PDF form by email to

Financial Aid and Award Money:

The Alliance is pleased to provide the following prizes:

  • First Place: $400
  • Second Place: $250
  • Third Place: $100

The scope of the Contest- the Chesapeake Bay is the world’s largest estuary and its watershed is unique.

Application Deadline:

The Photo Contest submissions will be accepted June 8, 2017, through August 8, 2017, and the winners will be announced September 1st, 2017.

Link for More Information: Protection Status



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