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Scholars from developing countries are invited to hurry and apply for the  Abel Visiting Scholars Program for PhD in Mathematics, applicants are advised to ensure that they comply with the eligibility criteria to avoid disqualification 

About the Award: The program is designed for post doctoral mathematicians in the early stages of their professional careers.   It is designed to offer the opportunity for a ‘research sabbatical,’ a necessary complement to teaching and other academic duties for mathematicians desiring to also sustain a viable research program.





Eligible Countries: 

Developing Countries


Applicants must

     1.   hold at the time of application a PhD in Mathematics,

     2.   be based in a developing country at the time of application

     3.   hold a position in a university/ research institution

     4.   be in the early stages of their professional careers, more precisely: the applicants  should

            4. 1) not yet be of full professorial rank but have a working contract in a university/ college

            4. 2) be under 40 years of age at the day of the application deadline.

Therefore for the application deadline of April 30, 2017, applicants should be born ON or AFTER April 30, 1977.

The maximum age may be increased by up to three years in the case of an individual with a broken career pattern (applicants who wish to apply for the April 30, 2017 deadline should be born on or after August, 31, 1974). This should be noted in the application together with the reason for the broken career pattern.

 Applications from women mathematicians are strongly encouraged.

Selection Criteria: 

The selection criteria is based on the the quality of the project and the benefit/added value for the home institution/country.

Selection: A selection committee decides which applications are successful.

The Selection Committee consists of

a) a member chosen by the Abel board

b) a member chosen by CDC

c) a third member chosen by the IMU EC

The time of members of the committee is three years for the members b) and c) with a maximum of two periods. The Abel Board decides for a).

Value of Scholarship: 

The grant can cover for one month and only for the applicant:

  1. travel cost to the host institution (economy flight or equivalent) 
  2. food expenses (daily expenses should not exceed USD 30 per day)
  3. accommodation expenses (monthly rent should not exceed USD 1200- in case you expect higher accommodation cost, please explain in your application the expected higher cost)
  4. travel health insurance
  5. visa cost
  6. local public transport up to USD 100 (for one month)

The total maximum amount is USD 5,000 per grantee.

Family expenses and any other cost cannot be covered.  

How to Apply: 

Each application must include:

  1. A curriculum vitae including a list of recent publications
  2. A research plan for the visit
  3. An official invitation from the institution of the international research partner
  4. One letter of recommendation If the letter of recommendation is not written by the international research partner (the host), the application should include a statement from the host approving the research plan.
  5. A copy of the PhD certificate
  6. A statement about the current employment status/ position in the home institution signed and stamped by your employer. The statement should include the duration of your employment
  7. A budget estimation (see Financial Support)
  8. In case you are planning to stay for more than one month you must attached a proof of the matching funds for your living costs from the host institution

The application form can be found here.

Please always send your application form cc to “cdc.grants@mathunion.org”.

Your application can only be considered if you sent by the date of the application deadline all required documents.

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

Award Provider: The Abel Visiting Scholar Program is administered by the Commission for Developing Countries of the International Mathematical Union.

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