7 Ways to Raise Funding for Your Postgraduate Studies In France



International students who studied in France are unanimous in their conviction about the great cities suitable for students in the country. Sometimes, it is difficult to pick one city over another in France.

The great student’s cities like Paris, Marseilles, Lynn, Nice, Cannes all have great delights waiting for any study abroad student. The cuisine is great. The standard of living is high. And of course, the politics emphasizes accepting and assimilating different cultures.


The one thing standing in the way of students going to countries like France is the money to finance their education (tuition and rent mostly). At the same time, ignorance of how to get funds might just be the thing stopping you. Most countries in Europe and elsewhere have programs to aid students with money issues.

You are reading this because you want to study in France or you know somebody who wants to study there. And because money is a bit of problem. Here are some of the best ways to get money to sponsor your education in France especially if a postgraduate education is what you are after.

1. Eiffel Scholarship Program

The Eiffel scholarship is one of the best known European scholarships around the world. This program is specifically made for international students studying for a Master’s degree at French universities and tertiary institutions.

To be eligible to for this scholarship you must

  • Be under 30 years
  • Show proof you intend to complete your studies in France and
  • Hold a non-french citizenship

Application for the Eiffel Scholarship is open from October to January and results are usually announced in the third week of March.

2. EDHEC Scholarship

EDHEC is one of the top French Business/Management University. As a leading French Postgraduate school for business and management courses, the tuition can be quite steep.

The EDHEC scholarship gives grants to deserving international students to cover up to 40% of the tuition. This scholarship is awarded to the best and brightest around the world with a deadline of application between the end of March and June each year.

You can find out more about the scholarship by checking the website.

Note that other universities too grant scholarships to deserving postgraduate students around the world. So do a bit of research in case the EDHEC scholarship is not suitable for you.

3. Save on rent and other expenses through CROUS.

The Regional Center for University and Social Works, also known with the acronym of CROUS in French, is a public institution that provides great service to International students.

Some of these services include

  • Welcoming International students
  • Provide student housing
  • Catering services and
  • improving the cultural experience of students while in France

CROUS can help students get the best deals on housing; whether private or halls of residence on campus. Using the services of CROUS is one of the best ways to save money.

The organization also advises on how to study and work while in France. Get more details here.

4. Government’s housing subsidies

Many International students don’t know every French student including foreign students, is eligible for housing grants. The amount though varies according to rent and income of student.

Intending applicants for housing benefits must have

  • An address in France
  • student health insurance
  • A bank account in France.

Check here for the full details of the program

5. Work on campus to supplement income

For international students short on cash, it is advisable to make sure the school has work-study programs open to all students.

Some universities have positions for research assistants or administrative positions on a part-time basis. It is the part-time and flexible nature of these jobs that makes them a perfect fit for an international student.

Make inquiries as soon as you get to your new school as these jobs are in high demand.

6. Scholarships listing sites

Always endeavour to search for scholarship and grants on online listing sites. There are several sites where hundreds of scholarship are listed daily. One such site is this one. Another great place to search for scholarships is on CampusBourses.

All types of scholarships and grants from governments, private organizations, research institutions are uploaded and updated daily on these sites. Take advantage of these free resources.

7. International students loans

There are private firms that exist to finance your postgraduate education in countries like France. One such private firm is Prodigy Finance.

They give loans for Postgraduate programs in France up to $15,000. The repayment plan is not bad and starts from within six months after graduation. Loanees are given up to 10 years to repay the loan.

A student loan should be a last resort if everything else fails. And it is better if one is sure of their employment prospects after graduation.

Like everything else, not knowing something is a big handicap. At the same time, there is nothing like knowing too much. So international students must never shirk research to get more information about something.

So it won’t be a bad thing to do more research to complement the information presented here.


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