7 European Countries with Extremely Low Tuition Universities



7 European Countries with Extremely Low Tuition Universities

Are you planning to study abroad? Many students tend to study abroad but revert back because of high tuition fees. Studying abroad in indeed a great accomplishment and you should at least apply for them.

Are you looking out for accessible and affordable universities? Why not include European Universities in your prospect universities list? European countries provide the excellent education at the low or even no fees at all. You can easily negate the high-cost factor that was acting as a barrier in your education abroad.

Want to know about some European countries with affordable universities? We’ve the perfect list for you!


Have you ever heard about Széchenyi Thermal Bath? Yes! You’ll get to enjoy the massive swimming pools in Hungary. Apart from the lively and beautiful locations, Hungary provides us with a variety of study options and high-standard education. Let’s have a look at the average tuition fees and overall living costs of universities in Hungary.

  • Average tuition fees: The tuition fees for Bachelors Degree program is approximately 1000 EUR per academic year whereas, the tuition fees for Masters Degree program is 1500 EUR per semester.
  • Overall living cost: It’s about 450-500 EUR per month which includes accommodation, food, books, travelling and social activities.


Portugal is world famous for its port wine but here’s a review of the average expenditure in Portugal universities.

  • Average tuition fees: The tuition fee is approximately 1000-1500 EUR per year.
  • Overall living cost: 500 EUR per month including the accommodations, social activities and transportation.


It is the country which inevitably attracts the tourists due to its scenic drives. What about Mercedes-Benz and BMW? Germany is the manufacturer of the most popular cars around the world. Let’s look at Germany from the academic point of view.

  • Average tuition fees: No tuition fee is charged at the public universities. For the postgraduate programs, universities might charge 30,000 EUR per year.
  • Administration fees: 100-200 EUR per semester depending upon the university.
  • Overall living cost: 800 EUR per month which includes housing, food bills, transportation and social activities.


The gourmet food of France! Have you ever got a chance to try the buttery croissants? Once you go to France to pursue your studies, you must try it.

  • Average tuition fees: It is about 200-300 EUR depending upon the university, degree level and enrolled program.
  • Overall living cost: Overall cost is approximately 700-800 EUR per month including entertainment, food, accommodation and transportation.


Have a look at an approximate fee structure of Lithuania universities:

  • Average tuition fees: The average tuition fee at the local universities is about 1500-3000 EUR.
  • Overall living cost: It is 500 EUR per month including all the facilities such as housing, internet and transportation.


The mouth-watering and delicious Italian cuisine is famous around the world. What about the average university fees?

  • Average tuition fees: At public universities, the tuition fee is 850-1000 EUR per academic year depending on the program and university. The Private Universities fee can be up to 16,000 EUR per year.
  • Overall living cost: The living cost in big cities and student cities is about 1000-1500 EUR and 750 EUR per month respectively. The student cities include Pisa and Turin.


Spain is blessed with the beautiful, overwhelming and jaw-dropping Mediterranean Beaches. From the academic viewpoint, you can pursue some good degree program at Spain Universities in affordable prices.

  • Average tuition fees: 1000 per year at the public universities
  • Overall living cost: It is about 800-950 EUR per month

Did you just realize that either we consider Tuition fee or living cost, it is not more than 3000 EUR? Aren’t these universities, the most affordable options? Studying abroad should not constraint your budget. Therefore, conduct the best research and choose the perfect option for yourself!


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