7 Easy Steps to win HEC Scholarships


7 Easy Steps to win HEC Scholarships

The Higher Education Commission HEC of Pakistan is an independent, autonomous, and constitutionally established institution of primary funding, overseeing, regulating, and accrediting the higher education efforts in Pakistan.’

Many Pakistan Students are complaining of the role of HEC in organizing both Foreign and National Scholarships. Some see it as a tedious task to secure a scholarship to study even when they have good and Excellent Certificates that qualifies them for that.

Here is Why?

HEC provides information can assist you in finding a variety of scholarships and grants. HEC will help you find opportunities to undertake study, research or professional development in Pakistan and overseas. Discover the terms and conditions and eligibility criteria. The challenge is with the mode of operation and Attitude to which students take the whole process of Application. From an Expert in the system, here are 7 Easy Steps to win HEC Scholarships.


Do your Research 

Most times, students get to know about the scholarship a week to its closure thereby bringing about a rush in the application. Remember, there are millions of Students all over Pakistan still in the quest to get or win such scholarship. Research here means, checking for Latest Updates of Scholarships by HEC from the official HEC website or World Scholarship Forum.

Most scholarship available in Pakistan for Pakistan students, has a 3 to 4 weeks deadline.This will keep you up to speed on any scholarship in Pakistan.

Be Eligible

Be sure you meet every requirement of the scholarship. Every scholarship in Pakistan has criteria for application and must be met Excellently. Remember, there are millions of applications in the queue.

Get All Document ready: To every Scholarship in Pakistan, there are required documents to be presented as an eligibility criteria. it is your duty to scan and upload such documents in the stipulated format and it should be on time.

Write a concise Application

To apply for the scholarship, you have to fill up a form explaining why you should receive the scholarship. The statement column  required you to enlist your personal and scholastic achievements. Take this opportunity to write additional things which I could not mention in my application.

A Testimony of a Beneficiary Had it “I believe that I got this scholarship not only because I scored well in my undergraduate degree but also because of my involvement in various extracurricular activities. I was president of two societies (Web Team and BSc Society) in my college and organized various events like Academic Help Center (to help disadvantageous students learn better) and Brain Games (a science event to test students’ cleverness and willingness to innovate).

Apply on time.

Applications are treated is on the grounds of First come, first Serve. Study has proven that most winners are those that submitted applications within the first week of of the Application.

National Testing Service Examination.

Give in your best, the Test is a speed an Accuracy test. There are the GMAT, essay questions, finding the perfect references and taking language assessment tests. It takes time and effort, and you sometimes lose your motivation along the way. But looking back, there is something beautiful about the journey. You push boundaries, go the extra mile and you discover yourself along the road.

Interview Section.

Oral Question on what you filled in the application is asked. Be straight to the point and never attract sympathy of any kind. Convince the Board that you are the right person for the scholarship.

Be Enthusiastic about Every thing                                                                                                                               .

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