6 Reasons that Will Make You Consider studying in South Korea


6 Reasons that Will Make You Consider studying in South Korea

South Korea has been the dream of countless foreign students all over the world. Their movies must have been a driving factor. Their tele dramas made Korea, expose their worth and standard thereby making Korean universities attractive to international students. Living and studying in Korea is once in a life opportunity, the beautiful and vibrant country is a wonder to behold.

South Korea is officially known as the republic of Korea and it is located in the southern part of the Korean peninsula in East Asia. One of the driving factors is undoubtedly because of their friendly nature. They are easy going and tend to flow well with foreigners in their country.

Why should you consider studying in Korea? What opportunities and experience lies in wait for you?

  1. Language

Korean is the official language in south Korea and in recent times, have been exploring the ins of English. Apart from the little English, Korean is the only language spoken throughout the country. Although they have different dialects, it stills doesn’t hinder their communication cause it’s easy to understand.


  1. Cost of living

“won” is the national currency of south Korea. In October 2013, 1963 won was equivalent to $1. Depending in where you live, one can rent an apartment for about the same price as that in many parts of US. Public transportation, utilities and restaurant are higher than in the US. The overall cost of living in south Korea is more expensive than in the US. South Korea is technologically advanced. Public transport is cheap, but private transit or trying to acquire your own ride is expensive than in the US.

  1. Culture

The way of life of the natives in South Korea is rooted in Confucianism and emphasize family and community values within families and between individuals is primarily important when you study in south Korea.

  1. South Korean foods:

Korean food such as Staples (rice, vegetable, legumes and numerous others) common specialty includes soups, noodles dishes, stir-fried dish and a whole lots of others. South Koreans are known to serve with multiple dishes during one meal so that people can enjoy a variety of foods and taste.

  1. Connection

Studying abroad, especially in South Korea will certainly endow you with relevant connection and lasting friends. As a foreign student, making friends won’t be a hurdle. All you need to do is get yourself there. Those connections will later turn to a career saver.

  1. International Recognition

Universities in South Korea have gained worldwide recognition and its position in ranking history isn’t too bad either. Virtually all the universities are recognized by employers and other university around the world.

South Korea is indeed a place to be! Despite the insane cost of living, the benefit supersedes the disadvantages which has made it a choice to consider. The opportunities present are like gold mines. Frankly, you have more to win than you will likely lose.


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