5 Important Secrets To Winning Undergraduate Scholarships.


Most of us imagine or assume that it is the 4.0 (and above average) student that naturally wins a ton of college/university scholarships. This assumption is wrong however, and has stopped a lot of talented students from even applying and trying to win money to ease their financial stress in pursuing their academic dreams.

Here, we have carefully laid out 5 secrets to winning a college scholarship that scholarship winners swear by and the rest of the students have no idea they even exist:

1. Increase quantity without altering quality

Scholarship winners don’t just apply for a few scholarships, they apply for every single scholarship that they can and learn how to use the information shared on one application for many others. Scholarship essays can be used more than once, paying careful attention to word count, subject matter and other details. Often, it only requires a few small writing tweaks to turn one great essay into several others, allowing the student to apply for more scholarships with less time spent on writing new essays for each one. Application details are usually very similar, so making copies of all applications and simply transferring the information from one app to another is another way to save time and apply for more scholarships.

2. Time Consciousness (Use your time wisely)

Reading the fine print in all scholarship guidelines is crucial to correctly applying for scholarships and not wasting time applying for those in which a student does not qualify. For example, if the scholarship guidelines require applicants to have a 3.5 G.P.A. and above, a student with a 3.4 G.P.A. should not bother applying. Scholarship judges first look for easy reasons to eliminate applicants and then take more time to narrow down the possible winners. Incomplete applications (like not including all required materials) and ignoring clearly stated applicant guidelines are the easiest ways to have applications tossed into the losers pile. Students who meticulously follow all guidelines will have a much better chance of winning the scholarship money, even before the judges begin to read their essays.

3. Don’t let an essay requirement scare you away

Scholarships should never be ignored or skipped because of the essay requirement. The essay is the student’s chance to show the judges, in great personal detail, exactly why they believe they deserve the scholarship money. Many students avoid applying for scholarships with an essay, so these scholarships tend to have less competition, meaning a greater chance of winning for the savvy student who takes the time to write a compelling essay.

4. Make your applications “Outstanding”.

Because the competition is so enormous for most scholarships, students need to find ways to make their applications stand out and get noticed by the judges. Little details like paper weight, envelope size, clear and proper font type, activity or scholarship resumes, quality letters of recommendation, and overall presentation of the scholarship application packet can make a huge difference in how a judge rates the applicant. Simply filling out a scholarship application and casually mailing it to the required address may look like a student has done their best, but learning how to polish and perfect the application is crucial to winning college scholarships. Online only applications can also be submitted with extra details that most students don’t bother including, but make a huge difference in the eyes of the judges.

5. Start early To Apply

Finding the time and motivation to work on college scholarship applications is a large stumbling block for many students. One great way to overcome this is to encourage students to begin applying for scholarships as early as they get the info, well before their peers. Most students do not even begin thinking about winning scholarships until they have applied to college and start to see the huge cost associated with higher education. This is often the spring of their senior year of high school and by that time, a huge number of scholarship application deadlines have already come and gone. The student that starts early, in middle school or as a high school freshman, will have an advantage because they will be familiar with the college scholarship process and as a result, will be comfortable with applying for more scholarships than their fellow students.

Parents can also play an expedient role in the college scholarship process with their students or Kids. So parents should encourage their children to apply for scholarships. Read and share….

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