5 important documents needed to study abroad (READ AND SHARE)


5 important documents needed to study abroad

So many times prospective students complain of their admission application being rejected by schools they have applied to. The simple reason is that they have not sent or included all the required documents needed by admission department. These documents are so vital  that if they are not included in an application, it could lead to rejection of the application. What are these documents and where can they be obtained? Well, my post today is going to answer that question.

First, what are these study abroad documents? They include but are not limited to the following:

  • International passport
  • Certificates of diplomas/degrees
  • Proof of financial support
  • Visa


International passport

An international passport is a document that carries informations like owner’s name, date of birth, passport number, passport issue/expiry date etc. It is issued by an immigration office. So if you need one, just work up to any immigration office close to you and get it. The cost ranges from $100 to $120 USD.

Certificates of diplomas/degrees

If you want your application to be processed then you you have to include or send all certificates of your previous study together with the transcripts. These documents will show your grades, scores as well as you area of specialization. And as the admission committee looks into this it, they can deduce how qualified an applicant is for the program he/she chooses to study. However, if these documents are not available, such candidates application will not be considered.

Proof of financial support

Most countries demand that students coming into their country to study should have sufficient funds to take care of the student’s tuition, living cost, accommodation etc. In Germany for instance, since most of the schools are tuition free and the cost of Living in Germany is estimated at €600 a month, students wishing to study in Germany are expected to present an account statement of about €10000  before being issued a visa to study in the country. However, if the student intends to study on scholarship, he has to present an official document issued by the scholarship organization stating the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

An invitation letter

Whenever an admission application is sent to a school, the school will have to prepare an offer/invitation letter stating that they have accepted the applicant to study in their school. This document is usually issued by the admission department of the school and usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to be processed. This document is so important that it’s needed to obtain a visa.



The visa is usually the last thing a students need to study abroad. Once you get your invitation letter, work up to the embassy of the country you hope to study with documents such as; Invitation letter, international passport, health certificates, passport photographs, certificates and diplomas, birth certificate etc. If possible you can go with all your documents. The embassy will arrange for your visa interview and the amount you will pay for the visa.

NOTE: There could be delay in visa processing, so it’s important you start the process early so you will get your visa on time.

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