2018 UK Government REACH African Postdoctoral Fellowship in Hydro-Economics


Applications are been invited for the 2018 UK Government REACH African Postdoctoral Fellowship in Hydro-Economics, only eligible persons will be considered for this fellowship,hurry now and apply

 About the Award: The REACH Programme is a 7-year, £15m programme funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID). This project, led by the University of Oxford, involves a research consortium of global leaders in water science, policy and practice.The REACH programme aims to make five million poor people ‘water secure’ by 2022.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to provide an early career researcher an opportunity to develop their career in water security in Africa. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their ideas with current REACH researchers and partners to consider how their relationship with the programme might operate. Applicants may approach REACH researchers about hosting their Fellowship.

Thematic Focus: The focus of this Fellowship aligns with the REACH Observatory, Sustaining Growth through Water Security. This Observatory is located at the Awash basin (Figure 2), which is an example of where national economic productivity is contingent on water security. The basin represents an economically significant region for Ethiopia’s expected economic growth, with significant increase in irrigation schemes. The area consequentially reports the highest abstraction of any basin nationally.

The area extends across five regions and two urban administrative zones, resulting in complex governance arrangements. There is a steep rainfall gradient within the basin, ranging from over 1,500 mm/yr at the headwaters to less than 200m/yr toward the bottom of the basin, and with  high variability. Manufacturing and agriculture are more concentrated at the upper end of the basin, resulting in pollution and water availability challenges for the downstream populations, including the
agro-pastoralists and pastoralists.

Application Deadline:  Monday 11th September 2017, 17:00 UCT

Eligible Countries: African countries


Type: Fellowship

Eligibility: These Fellowships are intended for early to mid-career academics and researchers. Applicants must

  • be nationals of a Sub-Sahara African country and should hold a PhD at the time of application.
  • The Fellowship must be undertaken on a fulltime basis. A limit of 1 hour teaching per week is allowed. The funding arrangement can be designed as a teaching buy-out in agreement with your University or research organisation.
  • Applications from PhD candidates will not be considered. ‘Early to mid-career’ is defined as within 10 years of completion of a PhD at the time of application; however career breaks can be taken into account and should be made clear in the CV.

REACH partners are eligible to be host institutions. Each host institution must be able to demonstrate that it:

  • has internal controls which provide reasonable assurance that the use of resources is consistent with all relevant laws, regulations, and award terms; and
  • is able to safeguard resources against waste, loss, and misuse; and will obtain, maintain, and fairly disclose reliable data in reports.

Number of Awards: 1

Value of Award: 

  • Funding available for this project is subject to a maximum £60,000 for the entire period. Funding requests cannot exceed this amount.
  • All budgets must not allocate more than 20% of direct costs to overheads. Per diems will not be permitted under the REACH funding agreement but travel costs will be covered such as accommodation, food and others as per REACH guideline.

Duration of Program: Projects are expected to begin as soon as possible after award. All projects should be finalised by March 2019.

How to Apply: Please read carefully our Guidance Notes which include information on the Fellowship, on the application process, and on our evaluation criteria. You will need to fill in the Application Form and Declaration from your host institution.

The following documents will be required as part of your proposal:

  • Description of proposed research (up to 4 A4 pages)
  • Career development plan (up to 1 A4 page)
  • Research into action (up to 1 A4 page)
  • Budget / Justification of resources requested
  • CVs (maximum two pages) for the Fellow and host institution supervisor
  • Letter of support from host institution/s expressing its intention to collaborate and endorsement of the proposed Fellowship, and the value of the proposed Fellowship. This should also include a declaration from host institution with the letter of support.
  •  Letter of support from your nominated supervisor outlining their relationship to you, the role they have had in developing the proposal and their agreement to supervising you.

Application Form;

Visit the Program Webpage for Details

Award Providers:  UK Department for International Development

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