2018 RMIT Research Scholarship in Australia


Applicants are been invited to apply for  RMIT Research Stipend Scholarship (RRSS) in Australia, and applications submission continues till 5pm AEST on Tuesday 31 October 2017.All applicants must read carefully the demands and eligibility criteria of this scholarship to ensure that no one is disqualified in the process.


‣ RMIT PhD International Scholarship (RPIS) are funded by RMIT University and are awarded to International students undertaking a research Doctoral degree on the basis of academic excellence and research potential.

School(Institutions/ Country): RMIT University |Australia

Level: Research  Degree

Field(s): learn any of the courses available

Deadline: 5pm AEST on Tuesday 31 October 2017

Funded By: RMIT University, Australia

Beneficiaries(Target Groups): RMIT Research Stipend Scholarship (RRSS) is targeted for International students

Benefits(Value/ Inclusions):

‣ Award No: RMIT has two stipend scholarships available. These are the RTP Stipend Scholarship (RSS) and the RMIT Research Stipend Scholarship (RRSS).

‣ Scholarship Duration: The standard duration of a research doctoral scholarship is three years full-time. Candidates may apply for an extension of up to six months subject to satisfactory progress and school approval.

The duration of a research masters scholarship is two years full time, with no additional extension available.

The duration of an RSS or RRSS will be reduced by any periods of study undertaken towards a research degree at the same level, prior to the commencement of the RMIT research program

Candidates may apply for an extension of up to six months subject to satisfactory progress and school approval.

‣ Scholarship covers: In 2017, the RSS and RRSS provide the following benefits to recipients:

  • A stipend of $30,000 per annum pro rata (full-time study). This amount is subject to indexation annually.
  • International candidates in receipt of this scholarship are also awarded an RTP International Tuition Fee Offset Scholarship (RIFOS) or an RMIT Research International Tuition Fee Scholarship (RRITFS).
  • All local candidates, Australian and New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia are provided with an RTP Fee Offset scholarship. Applicants in receipt of an RTP Fee Offset scholarship are not required to pay tuition fees for the maximum duration of their candidature.
  • Relocation allowance, paid sick, maternity and parental leave as specified in the Scholarship Terms and Conditions.



To be eligible for this RMIT  International Scholarship you must:

  •  Master by research
  • a Master by coursework with a significant research component graded as high distinction, or equivalent
  • an Honours degree achieving first class honours
  • a 4 year bachelor degree achieving a GPA of 4 or equivalent (80% or above)
  • publications or significant research experience that could be deemed equivalent

Part-time applications from local applicants may be approved if applicants are able to demonstrate exceptional circumstances as specified in Section 2.3 of the Research Scholarship Terms and Conditions (PDF 326KB 10p). Scholarships provided to candidates enrolled on a part-time basis are not tax exempt.

Scholarship applicants already enrolled in a research degree must have:

  • more than 24 months remaining of PhD candidature as at 1 January 2018
  • more than 12 months remaining of Master by research candidature as at 1 January 2018

You will be considered ineligible for a stipend scholarship if:

  • you are applying for or undertaking a Masters by Research and you already hold a Research Doctorate, Research Masters or an equivalent research qualification
  • you are applying for or undertaking a Research Doctorate and you already hold a Research Doctorate or an equivalent research qualification
  • you have previously held a Commonwealth-funded postgraduate research scholarship unless it was terminated within six months of the scholarship commencement date, or
  • you are currently receiving another equivalent award, scholarship or research related salary providing a benefit greater than 75% of the annual value of the stipend this scholarship provides

Selection criteria

These scholarships are awarded through the University’s research scholarship rounds. All scholarship applications are ranked in accordance with the ranking model that has been approved by RMIT’s Research Committee.


‣ Scholarship Offers are expected to be communicated by email by the end of December 2016.

Scholarship Application Method

Domestic applicants

To apply for scholarship, please complete the admission and scholarship application form which is available on our How to Apply page.

When completing the application form, please ensure you indicate in the relevant box if you are applying for both admission and scholarship, or applying for scholarship as a current candidate. Please note, applications for scholarship will only be accepted within the official scholarship round dates.

Domestic applicants intending to apply for the VCPS scholarship will be required to complete a supplementary application form which is located under the method of application section of our Research Programs page.

International applicants

You must have received a research program offer which is not conditional upon English before you are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

The scholarship process for international applicants applying for a research scholarship through a scholarship round is a two-stage process:

  • Stage 1: Apply for a program offer via iApply
  • Stage 2: Complete a scholarship application form which is only available during the applicable scholarship round.

If you intend to apply for scholarship in the next available scholarship round you must be in receipt of an RMIT program offer to commence in 2018 by the close of the scholarship application period.

You should apply for a program offer as soon as possible as admission offers can take up to two months to be issued or more for applicants from sanctioned countries.

‣ Scholarship Applications are due on 5pm AEST on Tuesday 31 October 2017

Further information

See the Research Scholarship Terms and Conditions (PDF 326KB 10p) for more information.


SGR Scholarships teamPhone+61 3 9925 5570Email[email protected]

‣ Application forms and guidelines can be download from the official website

‣ It is important to read the application procedure, and visit the official websites (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

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