2018 Guy Butler Research Award at Rhodes University


Applications for the Guy Butler Research Award at Rhodes University is now available and submissions will be on-going till 2 October 2017. The award   is Initially for one year, but renewable depending on satisfactory progress for a further year at Masters level and two years at Doctoral level.Applicants must meet with the eligibility criteria to avoid disqualification for the research awards.


‣ Rhodes University invites all students with a strong academic record (grades 70% and above) who intend pursuing full-time Postgraduate studies in 2017, to apply for the Guy Butler Research Award.

‣ It’s located in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Rhodes is a small university which enjoys the distinction of having among the best undergraduate pass and graduation rates in South Africa, outstanding postgraduate success rates, and the best research output per academic staff member. This is testimony to the quality of students that Rhodes attracts and of academic provision, and to the commitment of Rhodes staff to student development and success.

School(Institutions/ Hosting Countries): Rhodes University | South Africa

Level: Honours, Masters or PHD

Field(s): Applicants must pursue research in one of the following fields: English Language, English Literature, English-in-Education, South African English Drama, South African Journalism in English, Cultural studies focusing on English-related topics in Southern Africa and research in the area of English bilingualism, as an additional language.

Deadline: 2 October 2017

Funded By: Rhodes University

Beneficiaries(Target Groups): Guy Butler Research Award is targeted for all students with a strong academic record (grades 70% and above) who intend pursuing full-time Postgraduate studies in 2018

Benefits(Value/ Inclusions):

‣ Award No: not specified

‣ Scholarship Duration:  Initially for one year, but renewable depending on satisfactory progress for a further year at Masters level and two years at Doctoral level.

Tenable: Full-time attendance and registration at Rhodes University (Departments of English, English Languages and Linguistics and ISEA).

‣ Scholarship covers:

Honours: R45 000

Masters: R60 000

Doctoral: R80 000


The David Ryan Memorial Scholarship in Philosophy  

Rhodes University invites applications for the David Ryan Memorial Scholarship for Honours, Masters or Doctoral studies in Philosophy for 2018.

Closing date: 7 August 2017

The David Ryan Memorial Scholarship in Philosophy was established at Rhodes University by the family and friends of the late Dr David Ryan.

David Ryan Application Form 2018

David Ryan Scholarship Information

Contact: [email protected](046) 603 8755 or Jaine Roberts ([email protected]) for enquiries.

Ruth First Scholarship

Applications are now open for the Ruth First Scholarship for Doctoral or Masters studies at Rhodes University in 2018.

The Ruth First Scholarship is intended to support candidates whose work is in the spirit of the life and work of Ruth First, whose research poses difficult social questions, and who are interested in linking knowledge and politics and scholarship and action.

Eligible fields of study are:

politics, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, economics, social policy, democracy studies, development studies, media studies,or studies in cognate disciplines with a strong social justice focus. South African and Mozambican black and women candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

Value of award: PhD R100 000 per annum or R90 000 per annum for Masters.

Closing date: 21 July 2017

Ruth First Scholarship Application Process

Ruth First Booklet

Contact: [email protected](046) 603 8755 or Jaine Roberts ([email protected]) for enquiries.

Rhodes University Postgraduate Scholarships

Rhodes University invites all students with a strong academic record (grades 65% and above) who intend pursuing full-time Postgraduate studies in 2018, to apply for the following Postgraduate Scholarships.

Closing Date: 14 July 2017

  • HONOURS:  R50 000
  • MASTERS:    R70 000                       
  • DOCTORAL: R90 000

Honours and Masters: for designated groups in the Commerce Faculty

Honours, Masters and Doctoral: for the Faculties of Science and Pharmacy, plus Accountancy and Information Systems in the Commerce Faculty

Honours, Masters & Doctoral: for all Faculties

Doctoral: for designated groups in all Faculties; awarded initially for PhD (R100 000 p.a.), which can be extended to a one year Postdoctoral award abroad valued at $25 000. Focus is on developing future academics and researchers.

There  are specific criteria & conditions for each of the Scholarships. Please consult the individual links below for further details.

Please read the criteria for the various programmes carefully BEFORE applying, such as eligibility concerning citizenship, degree and subject choice.

Application procedure:covering letter with a completed application form (link below) needs to be completed (together with all the relevant documents in Section D) needs to be emailed to [email protected] in PDF format (not a zip file) on or before the closing date. Only ONE application is necessary as you will automatically be nominated for each award for which you qualify. Only electronic applications will be accepted.

Applicants do not need to wait for the June results in order to apply.

Honours applications: selection is based primarily on undergraduate marks. Letter of support from an academic staff member from the department supporting your Honours application is required.

First year Masters or PHD in 2018: A letter of motivation from your supervisor in support of your application. A report from your current supervisor of the Honour/Masters research project is required (where relevant).

Funding 2nd yr Masters/ PHD 2 or PHD 3 in 2018: A letter of support from your supervisor is required.

Renewal applications: Please submit Renewal request (A Personal Motivation), progress report from scholar and progress report from supervisor.

NOTE: Incomplete and late applications will NOT be considered.

Postgraduate Funding, Research Office, Rhodes University

Tel: 046-603 8755; Fax: 046-603 8822;   email: [email protected]


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