2018 Grinnell College Innovator for Social Justice Prize


Grinnell College is delighted  to announce that  nominations are now on going for the Innovator for Social Justice Prize . If you know a creative problem solver who meets the nomination criteria below, ensure to submit your nomination form in that regard.Eligibility criteria is a noteworthy information.

About the Award: Since 2011 the Grinnell Prize has exemplified Grinnell College’s commitment to supporting and inspiring innovative social change makers throughout the world. With the creation of the Grinnell Prize, the College is extending its educational mission beyond the campus and alumni community to individuals anywhere who believe innovative social justice programs create a better world.

Through student internships and staff fellowships, student and staff members have the opportunity to work with the Prize winners and their organizations.

Application Deadline: 9th October, 2017

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: All

To be taken at (country): Iowa, USA


Type: Contest

Nomination Criteria:

  1. Nominee(s) must be nominated by a third party.
  2. Nominee(s) must consent to their nomination. This consent must be given in the form of a letter (if you are nominating two individuals for collaborative work this letter should come from the two jointly) that will be uploaded to the nomination form and must include:
    1. A statement indicating the nominee(s) willingness to be nominated for this prize;
    2. A statement indicating confirmation that the nominee(s) will have completed an undergraduate degree between the years of 2001-2017;
    3. A brief (1-2 paragraph) description of the nominee(s) social justice work – in their own words. Please have the nominee describe the need they are addressing, how they designed creative and socially just solutions to address that need, and how they were able to make a tangible impact.
  3. Nominee(s) must have earned a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) between 2001 and 2017.
  4. Nominee(s) should be a force for social justice. They should have identified a concrete social justice need, designed creative and socially just solutions to address that need, and made a substantive impact through their hard work and dedication.
  5. Nominee(s) should have demonstrated the essence of Grinnell College’s broad liberal arts education through serving the common good and demonstrating expertise in the areas of critical thinking, innovative problem solving, and measurable systemic change making.
  6. Nominee(s) must not be widely known outside their immediate community or field.
  7. Nominees may be nationals of any country.
  8. Nominees do not need to be affiliated with Grinnell College.
  9. Nominee(s) must have sufficient English fluency to engage with the Grinnell College Community.
  10. Nominee(s) must be able to provide in English any supplemental information required as part of the selection process.

Selection Process: The College does not have in mind one specific definition of social justice; instead, the College recognizes that there is more than one definition for social justice and it should be interpreted broadly. For purposes of administering the Prize, it would be up to the nominator (ideally, in collaboration with the nominee) to make the case as to how his or her nominee effects positive social change. Through thoughtful deliberation and consensus, the Prize Selection Committee will determine whether an individual is effecting positive social change in an innovative way that he or she should be recognized as a force for social justice.

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Award:

  • $100,000
  • Winners of the Prize become part of a network of passionate visionaries who are both effecting change themselves and inspiring future generations to do the same.
  • There is an annual on-campus symposium and award ceremony to maximize Prize winners’ interaction with the College community, and there are exciting opportunities to further partner with winners to offer student internships, teach short courses, or collaborate on course materials.

How to Apply: Nominate here 2017 Online Nomination Form

The nomination form includes three essays that will be used to evaluate the nominee(s) ability to

  1. Identify pressing social justice needs and utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve issues related to that need.
  2. Be innovative and socially just in the design and implementation of their solutions.
  3. Demonstrate their solution’s current and potential social justice impact.

The essay questions are as follows: (Answers to these essays must be in English.)

  1. Describe the social justice need(s) that the nominee(s) is addressing and how the nominee(s) has demonstrated the skills of critical thinking and creative problem solving in solving issues related to this need.(2000 character maximum)
  2. Describe how the nominee’(s) is innovative in designing and implementing socially just solutions that address the need noted in question 1 above. Articulate how the nominee’(s) work is distinguishable from others doing similar work. (2000 character maximum)
  3. Describe the current and potential impact of the nominee’(s) work as it relates to the need noted question 1 above. Articulate both the quality and/or quantity of the impact. Provide concrete evidence, when possible.(1750 character maximum)

Visit Award Webpage for details

Award Provider: Grinnell College

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