Visby Research Scholarship Program in Sweden 2018-2019


Applications are currently been accepted for the  Visby Research Scholarship Program in Sweden 2018-2019 , applicants are reminded to ensure that they comply with the eligibility criteria to avoid disqualification.



The Swedish Institute is a Government agency in Sweden with the responsibility to spread information about Sweden outside the country.


research programme.


The scholarship is only valid for full time studies (30 ECTS per semester, 100 % full time) in Sweden. If the semester consist of several courses it is important that they add up to 30 credits per semester. The studies should begin in the autumn semester 2018.

School(Institutions/ Country): 

| Sweden

Beneficiaries(Target Groups): 

Visby Programme Scholarships are targeted for the Visby Programme is targeted at candidates from the following countries: Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.


The Visby Programme Scholarships are intended for PhD students, postdoctoral researchers belonging to any of the above-mentioned target groups for full-time PhD studies/research in Sweden.

A scholarship cannot be granted for an applicant who:

  • has already lived in Sweden for two or more years when the scholarship period is due to begin;
  • has already got a Swedish permanent residence permit;
  • has a Swedish work permit and is not an EU citizen;
  • is applying for a scholarship at PhD level but is not enrolled in ongoing PhD studies at your home university; or
  • is applying for a scholarship at postdoctoral level, but does not hold any PhD degree.


Scholarship Application Method

‣ Please read the instructions and complete the application enclosures, before entering the online application form.

‣ The application should be submitted online using the Swedish Institute application portal. Complete all the mandatory fields and attach all required documents. Only submit the application once and wait until you receive a confirmation email with your reference number.

‣ The reference number should be used whenever contacting SI with inquiries in regard to the scholarship application. If you cannot find the confirmation email in your inbox, first make sure to check your spam filter before contacting SI.

Online Application

‣ Scholarship Applications Due Date: between 15 MAR 2018 – 30 APR 2018


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