2017 International Conference of Quality Management in Training Systems And Education



Hurry and submit entries for the The International Conference of Quality Management in Education and Training Systems (CIMQUSEF)program. This program has the objective of initiating  exchanges around experiences and reflections, covering both the sphere of Management Sciences and Management by Quality in general, and that of Economic and Social Sciences and Exact Sciences.Eligible persons who have shown interest in this program are welcome to apply by submitting  your papers for review.

In order to provide answers to the proposed issues, the papers expected could address the topics related to the general themes of the Conference. They can also address the specific themes of the Agenda 2063 for Africa.

The aim of this edition will be to raise awareness among researchers and practitioners on the issues related to the challenges of Education, Training and Scientific Research systems, in close relation with the challenges of achieving sustainable development goals 2030 and Agenda 2063 for Africa.

It is principally a matter of federating the institutional, scientific community and professionals to reflect collectively on the central issue of this 14th edition of CIMQUSEF’14 “: What are the strategies and levers of actions that should enable the Education, Training and Scientific Research Systems to contribute fully to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (MDGs) and those of the 2063 Agenda for Africa? “.

Type: Call for papers

To Be Taken At (Country): Morocco

Eligible Countries: All


  • The call for papers is open to all researchers and practitioners who have conducted research or expertise related to the three proposed axis.
  • All papers will be scientifically evaluated and those meeting the publication criteria will be published in the international journal “The Journal of Quality in Education”.
  • This 14th edition of CIMQUSEF is also an opportunity for PhD students to present their research work, and discuss in particular the methodological choices and the empirical validation. In the doctoral workshop, the doctoral student will have 30 minutes: 15 minutes maximum for the presentation of his research work, 10 to 15 minutes for exchanges and debates.

How to Apply: It is necessary to go through the submission guidelines on the Program Webpage (See link below) before applying.

Application Deadline: 17th November 2017.

Visit the Program Webpage for Details

Award Providers: International Conference of Quality Management in Education and Training Systems (CIMQUSEF)


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