2017 Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award for South Africa


The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust is pleased to invite applications for the  Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award for South African Universities, Science Councils, Research & Policy Institutes, and other institutions or agencies of similar national standing. Applicants are advised to ensure that the meet up with the listed eligibility criteria to avoid disqualification.

Application Deadline? 30th October 2017

Offered annually? Yes

Accepted Subject Areas: Courses offered by the universities

Eligible African Countries: South Africa

About the Fellowship: The Trust was established in 1958 by the late Mr Harry Oppenheimer in memory of his father, Sir Ernest, and has a long tradition of investing in education and related fields. The Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship was initiated by the Trustees some twelve years ago and is the Trust’s most prestigious award.

The Trust is calling for nominations from South African Universities, Universities of Technology, Science Councils, Research & Policy Institutes, and other institutions or agencies of similar national standing. The Trust will also consider applications from individuals who do not have specific institutional affiliations. The award serves to reward excellence in scholarship in all its forms.

The Award seeks to attract candidates of exceptional ability and “big ideas” in any discipline.

It is intended to enable scholars based in South Africa to undertake a programme of work for a period of up to one year, by making possible full-time concentration on the work, contact with outstanding peers (locally or in foreign countries) and adequate logistic resources.  Further, it aims to strengthen relationships and partnerships between local institutions, foreign institutions and the Trust and build research excellence while stimulating scholarship in academic life.

Offered Since: 2000

Type: Fellowship

Selection Criteria: This Award focuses unambiguously on excellence. It is granted to candidates of the highest calibre to enable them to undertake a programme of cutting edge, internationally significant work

Who is qualified to apply? The Trust will consider candidates who:

  • are residents of South Africa (age is not a factor in selection)
  • are well established in their field
  • are leading scholars who have undertaken advanced research for many years (the Award is not for the purposes of studying towards a higher degree)
  • are outstanding achievers with a track record of sustained intellectual effort at the highest level
  • present submissions that describe a clearly focused and specific project
  • demonstrate a capacity and commitment to the transfer of skills and knowledge to fellow South Africans

How Many Scholarship Positions are available? Several

How long will sponsorship last? Up to one year

Value of Scholarship: R1.5 million.

How can I Apply? All submissions should be delivered to the offices of the Trust:
1st Floor
No. 9 St. David’s Park
St. David’s Place
Parktown 2193
or submitted electronically to e-mail CDigby@omt.org.za

Visit the Scholarship Webpage for Details

Sponsors: Oppenheimer Memorial Trust

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