2017/2019 UNESCO-Rotary Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Professionals


Apply right now for the 2017/2019 UNESCO-Rotary Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Professionals, only applicants that have complied with the eligibility criteria will be considered for this program.

The Rotary Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Professionals have been designed to promote long-term productive relationships between Rotarians and highly skilled water and sanitation professionals in their communities. Rotary scholars will benefit from the support they receive through regular contact with sponsoring Rotarians from their home country and the opportunity to interact with Rotarians in the Netherlands. After graduating, scholars’ expertise will be put to work improving water and sanitation conditions in their own community with a project the scholar and sponsoring Rotarians will design and implement together.

Type: Masters, Grants

Value of Scholarship: TRF awards scholarships of approximately €34,000, paid directly to UNESCO-IHE. Funding to cover additional costs (including international travel) related to participation in the academic program will be coordinated by UNESCO-IHE.

Eligible Countries: All countries with a Rotary club presence

work of fellow Rotary scholarship recipients and Rotarians worldwide. Becoming involved with a local Rotary club and the alumni association allows scholars to stay connected to Rotary’s global community and resources.

Eligibility: Students eligible for this scholarship must be provisionally admitted to one of the following degree programs at UNESCO-IHE (joint programs are not eligible):

  • MSc in Urban Water and Sanitation
  • MSc in Water Management
  • MSc in Water Science and Engineering

Students must also live or work near a Rotary club.

How to Apply:

  1. Students admitted to UNESCO-IHE’s eligible programs seek the sponsorship of their local Rotary club or district by submitting a scholar application to the potential sponsor.
  2. The potential sponsor receives and reviews the application and the terms and conditions.
  3. Rotarians interview the scholarship candidate and make a decision about sponsoring the applicant.
  4. The sponsor submits a full application online no later than 15 June of the year that the scholarship candidate’s program begins.
  5. The Rotary Foundation reviews the application.
  6. The Foundation awards a scholarship to a limited number of candidates who demonstrate the strongest potential to make a significant, positive impact on global water and sanitation issues during their career.
  7. The sponsor submits a progress report after the scholar’s first year of the program and a final report when the scholar completes his or her academic program.

Application Deadline: 15th June 2018

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

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