24 Fully Funded Scholarships for Developing Countries 2019-2020



Fully funded scholarships provide most, if not all, of what you need to pursue your studies abroad. There is no doubt therefore as to the reason why there has been a significant increase in the rate of applications for the full scholarships for undergraduate international students, and even in Europe as where full undergraduate scholarships for international students in Europe is also available.

Scholarships for students from developing countries help them to fund tuition fees and living costs and enable them to accomplish their career goals. This section will help developing country students to improve their education further.

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Many scholarship providers are awarding the prestigious funding opportunities at various degree levels of undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, postdoctoral research and also for other training programs.

Education has always been said to be the right of every individual, yet wonders are, as to why tuition fees are increased every year, this is one amongst many reasons why students, passionate about studies and education from DEVELOPING COUNTRIES feel robbed of the opportunity to acquire quality and affordable education.

Financial Constraints have been a big challenge and seem like a dream killer for most people and this has been understood by us.

But Worry not!!!! you know why? These Fully funded scholarships that are now available to enable students from DEVELOPING COUNTRIES to achieve their academic dreams and soar to greater heights. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbour,

Catch the FULLY-FUNDED SCHOLARSHIPS winds in your sails, I encourage you to Explore. Dream. Discover, you never can tell what awaits you, see list below

Seen some scholarships already, yours is not impossible, even the word says “I’m possible”, keep reading!!!

believe me, the real deal is below, see some more !!!!

The kicker is here, you may be a step away from that perfect scholarship!!!

Fully funded scholarships are been availed at Oxford University for students from developing countries for a leadership program. This scholarship program has been tailored and designed to support exceptional students from developing and underdeveloped countries that are experiencing growth in their economies, this is line with building competent human capacity in such countries.

The Commonwealth Organisation in her continued effort to keep building and contributing to the growth and development of developing countries are, through  Department for international development (DfID) is making available over 200 scholarship opportunities to students from the Commonwealth Developing countries.

This scholarship program is aimed at providing the opportunity for students from these countries to benefit from graduate study at a University in the UK which will, in turn, give them the necessary needed skills and knowledge to contribute and make strong impacts on their countries growth and development.

In the pursuit of affordable and quality education across the world, students from Pakistan are not also left out as fully funded scholarships are also been availed for these students, owing to the existence of a very unstable political and economic situations where funding education has become almost an impossibility, these fully funded scholarships will go a long way to help Pakistani students further their education, even though its on the ground of merit as to academic performance.

Scholars from developing countries are now been given the Knightly honor to apply for the fully funded knight Hennessy scholars program at the Stanford University in the USA This program will help bring closer to developed countries and economies students from the underdeveloped world to impact and also give them great training to enable them to build themselves and their country as well.

The objective is to attract students from around the world to receive full funding to enable them to undertake worthy scholarly pursuits at Stanford, with the result being to develop a new set of the world leader to change these challenged countries.

Amongst the largely populated countries in Africa in Cameroon, a country known often for the great strength the exhibit in various areas, and in a quest for higher learning, so many fully funded scholarships have been availed for Cameroonians with promising talents in the Country. this program is designed to enable scholars to pursue their academic without any financial constraint, their academic dreams to the later for a better life and greater country.

Students for Underdeveloped and developing countries are welcome to apply for the Alexander Rave Foundation Scholarships 2019 in Germany. This fully funded undergraduate scholarship is going to provide many opportunities for the applicants to acquire technical skills and knowledge that they can use in the transformation process of their respective countries.

Top 15 Research Scholarships for Developing Countries, 2019

Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student, undergoing research studies but have financial challenges to carry on with your program? Fully-funded research scholarships for students from developing and underdeveloped countries are now available. This is to enable the establishment of such countries research hubs.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Scholarship in Germany is now available and applications from students from disadvantaged countries are strongly encouraged. this country includes amongst other countries developing ones.

The intention of the FES is to raise about social disadvantages by providing opportunities to students who work for freedom, justice and social cohesion with the commitment to social democracy or to those will do these activities in the future.

Fully Funded MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program at McGill University

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship is designed for Students from Developing Countries to study in the USA at any prestigious university of choice. Universities like McGill University and many more universities play host to the scholarship.

Apply for the Scholarship 

2019 Government of Austria IPT Scholarships for Developing Countries

The Government of Australia in Her commitment towards availing quality and yet fully funded education for applicants from developing countries are therefore inviting these students to apply for 2019 Government of Austria IPT Scholarships for Developing Countries This scholarship program is funded by the Government of the Republic of Austria, and is awarded to qualified applicants coming from developing countries and reform states.

List of Top Human Rights Master’s Programs with Fully Funded Scholarships

Are you a scholar who seeks to add a masters degree to your academic laurels, then, worry not because The  Human Rights Master’s Programs with Fully Funded Scholarships is now available to passionate students from developing countries and from around the world.  This program aims to enhance to quality of higher education in Europe and simultaneously promote cooperation amongst European and developing countries.

Public Health and Tropical Medicine Intermediate Fellowships for Developing Countries, 2019

Health Inclined persons and students are hereby encouraged to apply for Public Health and Tropical Medicine Intermediate Fellowships for Developing Countries, this program will go as far as promoting the and impacting greatly in the health sector of the participating developing countries by bringing up to date skills and knowledge in this countries…

Top 20+ Scholarships for Yemeni Students, 2019

Yemeni students who want to study in Yemen or in any foreign country are welcome to check out these scholarships and select from the numerous options presented in the list. Yemen is a Unique study hub providing affordable and high valued education to international as well as nationals of Yemen including students, doctorates, scientists and professionals.

This section contains diverse scholarship providers offering excellent financial support such as Wellcome Trust, The University of Edinburgh, RNTC, King’s College London and many more.

2019 Fully Funded Scholarships for Afghanistan Students

In a country like Afghanistan that tends to have a unique case as to education, the need to have a very good but affordable education becomes and absolutely necessary for students from Afghanistan and it is in that light that we bring this information on fully funded scholarships for students in this country and encourage them to search  through and apply to any that suits their choices in order to achieve their goals through better education and in turn effect great changes and bring about good impacts to their home country.

10 Fully-Funded Global Health Scholarships at the University of Edinburgh in UK,

The UK is not an exception when it comes to awarding fully funded scholarships for both international students and students from developing countries, that is why the University of Edinburgh is calling on students who are citizens of developing Commonwealth countries to apply for the fully-funded global health scholarships at the university.

The primary purpose of the Global Health Academy is to upgrade global health and make life better for collaborative, interdisciplinary research, education.

Westerwelle Young Founders Programme for Young Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries 2019 (Fully-funded to Germany)

The future has been said to belong to those who prepare for it before it comes,that is why Entrepreneurs have  been recognized not only as a key factor for a greater future but as an indispensable tool for the building of nations, especially in developing countries, in that light, entries for Westerwelle young founders programme for young Entrepreneurs is available for individuals from developing countries.

DAAD In-Country In-Regions Scholarship for Sub-Saharan African Students, 2019

the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) together with DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is calling scholars to apply for the fully funded scholarships for students in the sub-Haran region of Africa particularly for obtaining master and doctoral education in Africa.

Top 25 scholarships To Study In Europe, 2019

The European Union along with the European Government States also offer government-funded EU scholarships to attract international students into Europe.scholars from developing and underdeveloped countries are encouraged to apply and take advantage of studies in hundreds of Universities in Europe that are tuition-free.

Adobe Research Women-In-Technology 2019

Applicants are currently invited for The Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship Program which is awarded to Females who are looking at pursuing a degree program in STEM Fields.

Here at Adobe Research, we create innovative technologies for our software products to better serve consumers, creative professionals, developers, and enterprises. We bring together the smartest, most driven people we can find, and we give them the freedom to nurture their intellectual curiosity while providing them with the necessary resources and support to shape their ideas.

UP And MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program For Africans In South Africa, 2019

The University of Pretoria (UP) in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation (MCF) is delighted to announce MasterCard Foundation Scholarship commencing in January 2019.

The vision of UP is to be a leading research-intensive university in Africa, recognized internationally for its quality, relevance, and impact, as also for developing people, creating knowledge and making a difference locally and globally.

Chevening Scholarships for Jamaican Students 2019-2020

Applications are been invited from Jamaicans for the CHEVENING SCHOLARSHIP FOR JAMAICAN STUDENTS 2019-2020. Chevening offers a unique opportunity for future leaders, influences, and decision-makers from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.

World Bank Short Courses for Developing Countries 2019-2020

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The World Bank in its corporate/social responsibility award or co-sponsor some Scholarships which comes in the form of Training, programs or Scholarship to Developing Countries. These opportunities are most times Fully Funded.



MasterCard Foundation Scholarship In the University Of British Columbia For African Students, Canada

The MasterCard Foundation is calling on African students to apply for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship At the University of British Columbia for African Students 2019/2020 At Canada, Only eligible African applicants will be considered for this.

To see more of FULLY-FUNDED scholarships, you are welcome to explore until the star grows old and until the sun grows cold…SEE MORE


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Get fully Funded Scholarships for Developing Countries 2019-2020 and never bother to pay fees again to study in any part of the world. don’t forget to apply now!

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  1. I am student from Somalia graduated from high school in this year. I wanna to study medicine so I decided to abroad since there is no good universities of medicine in my country and I don’t have enough financial support from family so please and please help me how I get scholarship.

  2. Do you have scholarships for college students? Other wise it’s very good program for developing countries but the bad thing is that, most people who needs such help they don’t get that chance to be helped but me I have un idea.

  3. this good opportunity for developing country for sharing science from this world
    i need network security and cyber specialization for Phd

  4. I am Hiwot from Ethiopia. I am graduated from high school and I am really interested in learning abroad but I have problems regarding finance.
    but I am really good in my acadamic grade so I was wondering if anyone can help me out in finding scholarship . please contact me via my email address [email protected]
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  5. I am an undergraduate and seriously need help to pursue my tertiary education… Please help me because I’ve lost my father and frankly things are now difficult for me.I have no hope of attaining my future aspirations. Have mercy on me
    Thank you.

  6. My name is John, am from South Sudan . l was overjoyed on seeing a space for comment. I would like to enquire if anyone can offer me undergraduate scholarship in the field of medicine or any science course. I have been searching but l believe here am gone be lucky. please l hope my request will yield positive results.

  7. I am Joseph Yel from South Sudan.I am studying now in the University of JUBA college of Natural Resources inside S.Sudan and I still yet not graduate.SO I bag your kindly administratives to consider my humbling request please I am tied of self study may you help me to go to any country you aspect me to be.AND THANKS MAY BLESS ALL OF YOU WHO PROVIDES THESE SCHOLARSHIP.CONTACT:+211914651218.

  8. l need support in pursuit of public administration in Uganda here but my challenge is financial support to meet my dream.

  9. I am Ruot jang, from Ethiopia region of Gambella, I’m degree holder and I want learn my master program abroad I have a good skill and ability on my education. my contact, +251935243673

  10. I’m from Ethiopia, graduated byB.Sc Biomedical Engineering, currently I’m working in Hospital
    So I want to study M.sc(of my field:Biomedical Engineering)
    If I fit for this scholarship please admit me to apply to any country

  11. I am Habtamu Yohannes from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in Anthropology.I need master’s degree in Anthropology, and thanks for giving this opportunity.

  12. Hello,
    I have graduated with second class honors upper division and I would love to continue with my masters abroad. Due to my financial status its with a humble request that I you help me get a scholarship abroad to help me further my studies and fulfil my dreams. If you want to contact me further for more information email me on [email protected].
    My regards.

  13. I’m from sri lanka.my name is yashara keerthisinghe.I completed my a/l (local) exam.I want to get free scholerships to study medicine in abord.But i havent enough finacial support from my family.pls & pls hep me sir/madam.As well as I do net ball & throwball & I have many national level certificates.pls help me to obtain free scholership .tnk u.contact no:

  14. hi,I’m from Ethiopia. I would like to continue my bachelor degree program in mechanical engineering program. I have been learning since the beginning of 2016. If I fit for this scholarship please admit me to apply. Thanks for giving this opportunity.

  15. Hello
    I am Iranian girl , I like to study in Medical university , l
    am 18 and the norm of my Diploma(degree) is 19,77 of 20 , l have a
    good norm , I had liked medical since my childhood , The situation of
    my familyś income is not good , The income of my family is $500 in a
    month, I ask you to scholarship me and guid me to gain my goal
    “Medical” …
    Thank you very much
    Gmail:[email protected]

  16. Hello,
    I am Zenawi Fitwi from Eritrea. I have been graduated from the field Marine Engineering with an honor of very great distinction in 2015 fro Massawa college of Marine Science and Technology, Eritrea. Currently I am working as a graduate assistant in the college I have studied..so I am requesting a chance for my Masters..in the field of Marine Engineering….thanks for ur coperation..

  17. Hello,
    am’I muluken teka from Ethiopia. I have been graduated from the field electrical and computer Engineering (specilization in industrial control with GPA 3.78) with an honor of very great distinction in 2017 from wolkite university, Ethiopia. Currently I am working as a graduate assistant lecture in the medda wellabu university,ethiopia. so I am requesting a chance for my Masters..in the field of electrical and computer Engineering….thanks for your coperation..
    gmail : [email protected]

  18. my names are gift isaaac chirwa , a zambian citizen . i need the shcolarship , to advance my education and to be more productive to the world at large : my mobie number 0975381175

  19. Am Kimani Lucy from Kenya, 18 years old, a first year student at Jomo Kenyatta university of Agriculture and Technology pursuing Bachelor of Human Resource Management. Thus I am humbly requesting for a chance to study aboard and complete my further studies.

  20. Hi am Hashim Abdallah .
    I am from Uganda n I completed my Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education but because I have no funds to cater for my further studies I want to apply for a scholarship .
    I want to take on Mechanical engineering

  21. I am gulrahman
    From Afghanistan
    As everyone knows the circumstances of Afghanistan definitely I deserve .
    It’s my right I am not able to proceed my further education please if you support me.
    I am doing bs telecommunication

  22. Hello there i am Adugna. A from Ethiopia, i have bachelor degree in civil engineering. I want to learn amsters degree but still i didn’t learn because of financial problem. So please help me to get the scholarship abroad and here is my e-mail address: [email protected] thank you!

  23. I’m Cecilia. I finished from Tai solarin university of Education, Nigeria with 2nd class honour. Please I humbly seek for scholarship to study abroad in order to proceed my academic ambition. Thanks in anticipation.

  24. My name is Albert Eduful from Ghana, l have diploma in Building Technology and want to continue my education in civil Engineering but no help from anywhere. Please can l get fully scholarship for my education because l’m poor and needy. Please my contact +233- 0241913979

  25. Hello, I’m Lobe scotts age 25, from Cameroon. i want to pursue my career of Business Administration abroad. i need this scholarships to asist to actualise this dreams.pls i need help.
    tell: [email protected]

  26. Hi I’m Nyok Kejok age 22 from the world’s young nation south Sudan i have a dream to be an educated person but war has spoiled every

    Idon know if you can assist me by granting a scholarship to engineering

  27. I Nyok kejok age 22 from south Sudan the world’s youngest Nation
    I have a dream to be educated person but war has spoiled every things

    I don’t know if you can assist me by granting me a scholarship to study engineering

  28. I am pakistani .My name is kainat . I belongs to a poor family .i done my Masters degree in English from HEC recognized university and now i want to study in abroad for M.phil so please help me for fully funded study visa .i shall be very thankful to u .

  29. I am zekarias Akillo from Ethiopia have a Bsc degree in civil engineering in UoG college of engineering inside Ethiopia and I want to study my Msc degree any related course of study .SO I bag your kindly administratives to consider my humbling request please I am tied of self study may you help me to go to any country you aspect me to study my Msc degree to be.AND THANKS MAY BLESS ALL OF YOU WHO PROVIDES THESE SCHOLARSHIP.CONTACT:+251918474320.

  30. Hello. My name is Simanga Guy Dube from Swaziland.I finished my high school in 2014 but due to lack of money I did not go to any university or college. I wish to study IT and Business management.I hope I can get help to continue with school and make my dream come true.
    Any help can get me in +268 76577500 or email me at [email protected]

  31. Am derrick Kazoora a Ugandan who has just finished high school this l need fincial help to study my degree in statistics from any good university abroad please help mi

  32. My name is Alemu shamebo from Ethiopia i have Bsc degeer from hawassa unversity in Animal and range science if i got the opportunity of scholarship my interst is to study my Msc degeer in my back ground or relative feilds my contact phone +251904756943/251924388326

  33. Iam James khamis Lino, I,m pursuing diploma in business administration at star international university college in juba south Sudan.Due to financial issues I will like to be considered by your office for scholarship program in order to pursue bachelor degree. Pleas help me.

  34. Please this is Masuba Aaron from Uganda. I did Physics, Mathematics, Economics at my A-level and am waiting for my results in March 2019 . Am please kindly requesting for a Scholarship to study Aeronautical engineering from either United Kingdom or United States in the August – September intake. Please help me out. +256773092460 or [email protected]. I will be very glad if am considered. Thanks very much

  35. Hello, I am David Philip a South Sudanese student who has just finshed my secondary level, and I would like to pursue my study in any good university in USA,but I am seeing difficulties in financial side, therefore,I would be so glad and thankful to be help by you,thanks.

  36. I am Bumhira Pride from Zimbabwe completed my National diploma in accounting I need financial assistance so that I can pursue with a degree in that field from any good university abroad

  37. Am devis kamalha from uh
    Ugandaam graduating in 2019 with a Bacholars of science with education but i would like to enroll for a masters. Help me out

  38. My name is Henok Okbamariam. I am a graduate of English with CGPA 3.64. But currently I am searching for a fully funded MA scholarship in Library and Information Science, because I have been working in the National Digital Library for the past 8 years. So can you please recommend me a list of universities that offer full scholarship in Library Science, Archives, Digital Library Learning or Electronic Records Management.

    Thanks for all your assistance.
    Henok O.

  39. hello
    My name is Moagi Wesley Tuga from Botswana.I have completed my BGCSE and wish to study a science related course abroad..can you help me with the schoolarship?

  40. My name is Bamlaku Enemayehu, I live in Ethiopia, I have BSc degree in Mechanical engineering, I went to study Master program or related filed please contact me +251931489353

  41. Hi. I’m Dinusha.I’m a student of sri Lanka. I’m 21 years old. I studied at physical science stream. I have BCC results for A/L.
    B for combined mathematics and C for physics and chemistry. I have another B for English language in A/L. I want to study Aerospace Engineering..please tell me can I get a scholarship for study that subject.

  42. I am Daniel Belachew Ararso from Ethiopia. And also I am studying mechanical engineering at Wollaga university. I will graduate in 2020 Bsc.please give me this chance. As well as I have Theology diploma.I want to study either mechanical engineering or social science which related to Theology.
    Contact me on +251937737328
    Email [email protected]

  43. Comment:I did Bachelor of Socail Sciences Degree in Local Governance Studies would like to further my studies with MBA or Masters in Public Admnistration

  44. Comment:my name is Abrha Tuemay from Ethiopia . I was graduated in June 08,2018 from wollo university with a Bachelor degree in Forestry science with an excellent CGPA. If i get this opportunities i would like to learn in abroad my master programme. please contact me by this phone no. 0943731854 or email address [email protected]
    your faithfully

  45. My name is jemal Yusuf mume from Ethiopia. I have bsc degree of public health.I wanna to study medicine abroad to help Ethiopians with advanced medical service which they can not capable to access in our country and affords it as they needed!If I got the opportunity,I need to help Ethiopians with both serving clinically and learning them specified courses I got abroad in the future at institutional standards! I hope it any way!

  46. Hi, I am Hekmatullah from Afghanictan.
    I am a fresh graduated from high school.
    I am looking for undergraduate scholarship to study computer science. Kindly share the link so that I could apply it.

  47. hi its mashira malek from south africa ,i did accounting sciences n now i want to study Bachelor accounting sciences in financial accounting.
    plz contact me o 0655880036 or email me

    thank you for all your assistance

  48. Hi my name is Gelila. I’m from ethiopia I have finished my highschool in 2017 and I need to learn my degree in sociology or other related fields. Phone number:+251946730351.

  49. Greetings everyone reading this..my name is mike mwansa from Zambia I completed my high education last year and I want to study medicine from abroad but my family can not manage to help with financial issues. So am kindly requesting for a scholarship to study abraod. I will highly appreciate if my request will be put into consideration

  50. Hi my name is Flana G. Sayou Jr
    From Liberia I finish high school since
    2011/2012 and I not have the uppertunity to enter collage because of fanecial problem i want your pls support me because I’m from a very poor family and also I’m a good football player.

  51. Hello, I am Marwa Estino from Philippines. I just wanna ask if there’s a fully funded scholarship for a college student. I’ve been looking for a legit scholarship and hoping that I’ll be one of those lucky person to have the fully funded scholarship. I am a senior high school student and will be graduating in the next 2 months. I will be taking the course Psychology and I am worried since I can’t afford the tuition fees for my college. I hope there’s a scholarship programme that will accept me for as I am not so intelligent but I can still assure you that I can cope up with any requirements or etc. I hope you will sent me an application or atleast sent me a link. Thank you so much for the consideration.

  52. I’m Moreblessing from Zimbabwe.I finished my high school and obtained pleasing results.I have got financial problems to continue further with my studies. I really wish to b a French interpreter.please help m out

  53. Hellow,
    I am phurpa Dorji from Bhutan. I hold B.Ed degree and currently working as school teacher.Is my big dream to have master in special needs education since most of the children with disabilities are remain unturn in society.
    Can anyone spark some light on how to proceed the scholarship.
    Thanking You.

  54. This is Workineh Abeje from Ethiopia .as I toold you before I have graduate my first degree in BSc Nursing from Addi Ababa Medical college /Ethiopia/..nowi am interested to attend my master program so how can I get the chance or how can I process

  55. Hi! I m Shristi Sah.I want to do ME in Structural Engineering..If there is any schlorships for that please help me out..


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