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15 Ways to Finance Your Studies Abroad


The European Union has launched a series of Community programs to enhance student mobility between different EU countries.
The PAP (Lifelong Learning Programme)  aims to facilitate the exchange, cooperation and mobility between systems education and training of European countries involved, so that they become a benchmark for quality in the world. It is a unique program that addresses learning from childhood to maturity. The PAP is being carried out in the period 2007-2013 and replaces the old programs. Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci and E-learning

Within the PAP four programs are developed:

Comenius program:  aims to strengthen the European dimension in the field of  secondary nursery, primary and it promotes mobility and cooperation between schools. They can participate in faculty at non – university schools, future teachers, and high school students or Higher Level Training Cycles who want to do a course abroad. Within this program, as an accompanying measure, you are the E-Twinning is an initiative of the European Commission that encourages collaboration between schools in Europe through the use of information and communications technology (ICT). One of the Comenius Actions is the “mobility for secondary school students”, which aims to promote mobility of students in secondary education in a foreign center, up to one school year. The types of aid that can be granted are:

  • Grants to cover the costs of accommodation and meals.
  • Assistance to support tuition in training, if applicable.
  • Derived actual travel expenses, insurance, visa or language training, if applicable.
  • The amounts will be allocated as established by the call for proposal.

Erasmus program:  its aim is to meet the needs of teaching and learning of all participants of higher education  approved and vocational tertiary level (including transnational student placements in companies), as well as the institutions and organizations providing or facilitating such education and training. You can study between three months and one year in European universities, with a free intensive course to learn or improve the language of the country, a prize for expenses and recognition of studies to back. To participate, learn at your university.

Program Leonardo da Vinci:  serves the teaching and learning needs of all participants of the training professional, as well as the institutions and organizations providing or facilitating such education and training. It is aimed at young people between 18 and 35 who want to work practices abroad and subsidizes transnational placements in enterprises or training centres for a period of between 1 week and 10 months. The scholarship includes accommodation, ticket and paid back and also an intensive language course during the first month. They can participate:

  • Students of intermediate vocational training
  • Graduates of training cycles and degree courses
  • graduates and university
  • Working people, unemployed or any other person available for the job market
  • VET teachers, guidance counsellors, trainers / as and responsible for the management of VET
  • Responsible for planning, training and career guidance within enterprises

To participate, you must make the request in a centre that has approved a program host the Leonardo program.

Grundtvig program:  addresses the needs of teaching and learning professionals involved in adulteducation in all its forms and as all institutions and organizations that provide this teaching. . At the individual level, both students of institutions of adult education, as faculty at these institutions and future teachers can participate

Study visits:  its aim is to promote European cooperation, facilitate the exchange of information and experiences among educational specialists and vocational training , in areas of common interest to participants in the Lifelong Learning Programme countries, in a special way in the areas of primary and general, technical and vocational secondary education. The study visit helps participants to consider their work experience elsewhere, and offers policymakers quality information and current environment to education across the EU and the EFTA-EEA.



There are many programs and calls for scholarships for undergraduates and post-university. These can be organized by ministries or other public institutions and private entities and are aimed at students from any university. Some programs have a more generic look, but there are also programs and mobility grants for certain specific areas: technology, mathematics, social sciences, health, etc.

Fulbright Scholarships:  Scholarships for graduates, doctors, artists and civil servants of certain ministries to study, research or teach in the United States.

  • Scholarships La Caixa:  “la Caixa” calls 145 postgraduate scholarships to study in Spain, Europe, North America and Asia. They also have a call for journalism scholarships in international delegations of EFE in Europe, Latin American countries, North America, Africa and Asia. There is also a call for scholarships to students of 4th of ESO or 1 high school to attend the International Baccalaureate in one of the integrated centres Foundation United World Colleges.
  • Rafael del Pino Foundation Scholarship : Scholarships for postgraduate studies or research aimed at those students and Spanish professionals who stand out for their attitude of leadership and excellence in their professional or academic activity.
  •  Ramon Areces Foundation:  Scholarships for study abroad related to social sciences (graduate) and Life Sciences and matter (postdoctoral).
  • Caja Madrid Foundation Scholarships  Scholarships to study a master ‘s degree, graduate school or research in Europe, Canada or the US, in the following subject areas: social and legal; biomedical, polytechnic, science and music.
  • Scholarships Balsells (California-Catalonia Program): scholarships for graduate studies and stays postdoctoral research in the field of engineering and sciences at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), and studies master’s or doctorate in bioengineering at the University of Colorado Boulder (UCB).
  • Argo Global Grants:  Grants for people who already have a university degree and wish to do internships in companies in Europe, Asia, Canada and the US, for a period of between 3 and 12 months
  • Scholarships Faro Global:  scholarships for practical experience of 6-7 months in enterprises and organizations in Europe, the United States, Canada and Asia. You have to be a student of the last courses of any Spanish university degree.
  • United World Colleges Scholarship : There are several public and private sponsors that offer scholarships to study the international baccalaureate in a school of the United World Colleges organization.
  • Santander scholarships:  scholarships for graduate students, faculty and research staff, particularly in Latin American countries.
  • MAEC-AECID:  Are grants promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation through the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development. The scholarships are intended for foreign students who want to study in Spain and Spaniards who want to study or do internships in countries receiving official development assistance. It is aimed at graduates and people with a coherent academic experience with every call, and is awarded after a rigorous selection process.
  • Vulcanus program:  Program for yearlong internships in companies in Japan for national university students from the European Union and who are studying at least the third year in the field of engineering and science.
  • Chinese government scholarships:  The Ministry of Education of the People ‘s Republic of China awards annual scholarships for university graduates to expand or undergraduate, master ‘s , doctoral research or higher.
  • Scholarships DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)  calls for different types of scholarships for university students, researchers and teachers in Germany.
  • Pablo Neruda Program:  is a program of academic mobility within the Latin American Area of Knowledge, in which different Latin American countries involved, including the Spanish state. It is aimed at students and teachers in graduate and doctoral programs.
  • Cinda program : a program Interuniversity Development Centre, which brings together 30 of the most prestigious universities in Latin America, Spain, Belgium and Italy, to encourage mobility among its students. To participate you have to be selected and presented by your university, if it is part of this program.
  • UNESCO grants . The agency of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Sport organizes short stays for beneficiaries specialize in graduate school .



Each university also has its own international mobility program and bilateral agreements with different institutions. They are programs for their own students, so you need to reports in the international relations department at your university. For example:

Office of International Relations at the Completeness University of Madrid 
Servei of international relations at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC)

Thanks to the new structure of European training, there is the possibility of Double Degree studies. These studies allow obtaining two official degrees in less time than if the two degrees will realize independently, and allows you also get the second degree in a foreign university. The program can be to make approximately 4 years of study at the university, and between a year and a half and two years in another foreign host university. At the end of this process you will get the official title of the two universities, which is highly valued in a resume. So much so, that there are already some cases of triple degree, as the Triple-Communication Degree in Journalism Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication-Advertising, of the  European University of Madrid .


Every year the Ministry of Education announces several calls for scholarships and grants for learning languages abroad or in Spanish territory:

  • MEC Scholarships  to study English, French or German abroad: stay a minimum of 3 weeks abroad to learn English, French or German. The requirements for access may change a little from one year to another, but in general these scholarships are aimed at students over 16 who are enrolled in a university, training cycle of higher grade, visual arts or design, higher artistic education or teaching sports. A minimum grade record is required, and the economic value depends on the country of destination.
  • Grants for English language courses abroad:  for graduates of the Master in Teachers of secondary education and high school, vocational training, language teaching and teachers.
  • Aids immersion courses in English language Menendez Pelayo International University:  for graduates of the Master in Teachers of secondary education and high school, vocational training, language teaching and teachers. They are aids for boarding stay in Granada, Santander, Cuenca and Valencia.
  • Helps language immersion program in summer camps in English:  for fifth or sixth grade, or first course of ESO, maximum 13 years who want to participate in a summer camp for more than two weeks territory Spanish.
  • Scholarship grants for French courses in France during the month of July:  on a competitive basis. For students between 17 and 20 years, high school students, professional educations of music and dance, intermediate vocational training, the degree of sports education or language teaching intermediate or advanced level. They must have the status of Fellow of the general call for general grants and mobility of MEC and a minimum score of 7 in the course of French.
  • Grants for English language courses during veran or, for young people between 16 and 30 years, competitive basis.
  • Support for participation in immersion courses in English, organized by the International University Menéndez Pelayo, in Spanish territory.

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