15 Study Abroad Myths That Need to Be Busted


15 Study Abroad Myths That Need to Be Busted

Dream about getting an education abroad is no longer an impossible dream. Today, every student has a possibility to quit studying at home and get a grant for the best foreign university and study for free. Education in another country reveals new prospects for self-development, a better understanding of the world and entering the worldwide community of those who are open to changes. However, most students still do not understand how they can study abroad. There are so many myths and rumors around this issue that bewilder even the most independent and risky students. In this article, we are going to reveal all the secrets and bust the myths that create obstacles on your way to foreign education.

  1. It’s too pricey

Mostly, students quit the dream to apply for foreign universities because of the price of education. In fact, there are many special programs that provide a scholarship for studying and even living abroad. You just need to apply for the grant within a stated period of time and provide all the required documents.

  1. I don’t know the language

If you apply for studying at some German of French university, it does not mean that you need to know the German or French language. International programs require knowledge of English, and only a few universities demand knowledge of the national language.

  1. My university program differs from programs at the foreign universities

This should not bother you. Of course, there are some differences, but they are not so important if you came to study some special spheres. Besides, many universities allow visiting classes by choice so you can choose the fields that are more interesting to you and pay more attention to them.

  1. I have no friends there

This is a temporal problem. You will be surrounded by new people, and there will be many new students who also want to find friends. You just need to talk to people and be open to new acquaintances.

  1. My family will be far away from me

Education abroad is the best way to enter the adulthood. If you leave with your parents, a few months in another country will explain to you how grown up you are. You will understand the value of responsibility and you will definitely find the way to take life in your hands.

  1. No one will love me

Of course, no one can guarantee that everyone will admire you. But this does not mean that people will hate you because you are a foreigner. Moreover, in most countries, people try to help foreigners and always welcome them.

  1. I’m too young/old to study abroad

You cannot be too old or too young for education! If you want to build your future, find a proper program for you. There are various after-graduation opportunities for those who graduated university long time ago.

  1. There are no scholarship opportunities

If the information about a scholarship is not indicated on the website of the university, it does not mean that there is no scholarship at all. Contact the management of this place and ask whether they provide foreign students with the possibility to get a grant for education.

  1. Studying abroad, I delay graduation at my university

All time that you spend at the foreign university will count at your university.

  1. Studying abroad is more about fun

Some students believe that they will never study abroad because of the opportunities that they get there: new friends, travels, no parents who control every step. But the reality is that students do not spend day and night having fun. They find a proper balance between education and rest.


  1. No one values the experience of studying at another country

For your potential employers, the experience of studying abroad is a signal that you are a smart and adult person who is responsible for his actions.

  1. It’s too dangerous

Staying abroad as a student is the same as staying abroad as a tourist. You just need to take some precautions and behave according to the laws of the country.


  1. I have never been abroad before

If you have never been abroad, education trip is the best way to discover a new country! You will stay abroad for a rather extended period of time and will be able to grasp the soul of this country.

  1. I do not have a visa or permission for staying abroad

You will get all necessary papers after you get a scholarship or confirmation from the University that you are invited to study there. You do not need to prepare documents before you apply for studying abroad.

  1. My friends won’t understand why I left them

You friends will be happy that you’ve got a unique chance to travel and to study in another country! Besides, you can encourage your friends to apply for scholarship together, and perhaps you will be able to experience benefits of foreign education together!

You should not be afraid of getting a new experience. A modern world opens thousands of doors in front of you and invites you to make a step forward your dream. Do not miss the chance! Apply for a scholarship at the foreign university of your dream!

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