11 Most Wanted Scholarships For Engineering Students,2018(Read and Share)


In today’s world, you would agree with me that there is an increasing demand of skilled persons who can create the world and future that we  want to feature in. its also true that the complexity of improving soo many utilities will often come as a burden to individuals,governments and the world at large .However, there has been a group of people  who has  all that Is needed to tackle complex problems and move you and I to the better future we always wanted,you can call them  Future creators,you can call them wealth creators, you can call them problem solvers but the world recognizes them as ENGINEERS.

From the immersive feel that your smart phone provides for you, to automobile,electricity,airplane,health and even the internet with which you are reading this,all and even more are as a direct influence of Engineering.


Don’t you want to be part of a world so real and yet was created by you,develop great skills you can apply anywhere and also get great rewards and opportunities?  I know you are seeing this because the world is waiting on your ideas. I present you with a channel to help you play a role in impacting on the world and watch your every dream come true,below are 11 most wanted scholarships for Engineering for pre-Engineering,Engineering and post-Engineering students ,hurry quickly and check them out,you can never tell how soon those charged potentials of yours can get launched by what you will see.

1)ASHRAE Science And Engineering Scholarships For Undergraduates, 2018

The ASHRAE is pleased to offering applications for the Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships. The program is open to undergraduate engineering or pre-engineering students who….

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2)Engineering for Development Research Fellowships in UK, 2018

Royal Academy of Engineering is delighted to invite applications for  Research Fellowships and Engineering for Development Research Fellowships to study in the UK. This fellowship is open to individuals from across the world, but ….

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3)International full PhD Scholarship for Students at Khazar University in Azerbaijan, 2018

Khazar University with the support SPE Azerbaijan section is happy to call for application from interested students for the international  full PhD scholarship within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The scholarship is available to both local and international students.Applicants must ensure that the eligibility status are met to avoid disqualification from the program.

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4)list of top mechanical engineering colleges in world(latest ranking)

This ranking is not to discredit other institutions or colleges  not on this list but to encourage a healthy competition between colleges that offer the above mentioned field. Before you can make your mark as a mechanical engineer, you need to find the college that can best help you build your skills. With this rankings of the top mechanical engineering colleges in the world ,you can  narrow your search by location, tuition, school size and test scores.

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5)Top 20 Government Engineering Colleges in India – College Ranking

Young minds today have ample carrier opportunities which sometimes make it difficult for them to decide which one to go for. Before making the final decision one should analyze two most important aspects, one is feasibility of the course and other is employ ability of the course. An engineering degree enables students to crack civil services examinations including Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services and Indian Revenue Services….

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And now,Here comes the Kicker of Engineering scholarships,The very best news!!!!

6)Study Automotive Engineering at Okan University, Turkey: All You Need To Know

Turkey is now one of the top study abroad destinations for international students. This is underlined by the fact that in the last decade, the number of students from abroad has more than doubled. The official figures from last year show that there are almost 50,000 international students studying in Turkey.

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7)PhD Studentships at Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at University of Surrey in UK,2018

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering in  University of Surrey is pleased to invite applications for  six PhD Studentships in Vision, Speech and Signal Processing. These studentships are available to  UK and EU countries students. The sole purpose of this scholarship is to advance the state of the art in multimedia signal processing and computer vision, with a focus on image, video and audio applications….

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8)Fully Funded Undergraduate Studies in Canada, 2017

The Embassy of Canada to the United Arab Emirates in partnership with Canadian University Dubai is delighted to invite applications for the yearly Canada Day Scholarship for students starting their first year of undergraduate studies.The study subjects includes Engineering….

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9)SHPE Chevron Scholarship for Undergraduate Engineering Students in USA 2018

Applications for the SHPE Chevron Scholarship are now being accepted. The scholarship is open to the United States students who are enrolled undergraduate degree majoring in Engineering – related field. Varied amount of award will be given to the winning students. The closing date of applications is 31 July 2017….

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10)APPLY: Total Engineering Scholarships for study at IFP School in France & Imperial College in the UK ,2018 (Fully Funded)

Applications for the IFP School and Imperial College scholarships for 2017-18 are now open!Each year, Total offers sponsorships to students wishing to attend targeted universities in specific programs as a means to both support petroleum industry educational institutions and as a means to source top students for hiring targets.

If your ambition is to specialize in energy, did you know that Total offers scholarships for students of engineering schools, including at IFP School in France and Imperial College in the UK?….

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11)T0p 20 colleges to study Electrical Engineering abroad

Electrical Engineering is one of the most sought after course among students today whom are searching for the ideal engineering college. Here are a few of the most popular colleges to pursue Electrical Engineering.

 Electrical engineering is one of the most popular streams of engineering. Electrical engineering has now been subdivided into a wide range of subfields including electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, RF engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, and microelectronics….

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All of the above is part of the story and  we don’t stop here ,you can explore and even see more Amazing and  good scholarships specially designed for good people like  you.

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