work and study in France , Things You Must KNOW


work and study in France , Things You Must KNOW

Universities in France are low tuition. Most of the schools charge tuition fee as low as S400 usd, that is very cheap you will agree  with me apart from the low tuition, the other benefit of studying in France is that as a student you can work to support your education.

Students usually are allowed to work part time to support their education.

However, if you don’t have enough funds to pursue your study in the U.K and U.S  where tuition fee is high then you can think of enrolling to study in France.


Application for undergraduate study in France is usually done in the French consulate office, so you need to visit any French consulate office in your home country to start your application. You need to go with your O` level (WASSCE) results, international passport and French language certificate if you have any.

Remember that applicant with no knowledge of French language will be expected to undergo French language training in France and will cost roughly 500 usd.


All postgraduate admissions are handled by individuals universities inFrance. You do not need to pass through the consulate office as is the case with undergraduate application.

All you need to do is get your supporting document ready, search for schools offering your course and start your application, most of the universities in France accept online application. Do not forget to attach or send notarised copies of your results and transcripts to the school after your application. These document must be presented either in French or English language.


Well, application period varies and is dependent on the school you are applying to. My advise is that you start as early as possible to process your application because most universities in Europe stop accepting applications from July to May be September so you have to check the school website to know when they will stop accepting application for study. If you have any question about studying in France, please put it down in the comment Box below.


  1. I’m Bekele Jegora Geleta from Ethiopia .I have first degree in Electrical/Electronics and I’m looking for Msc . How can apply it ?

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