Wiki Aquitectura Student Awards in Architecture 2018


The Wiki Aquitectura Student Awards is now open. This program is exclusively open to Architectural Students from all over the world. To apply, students must submit their design as soon as possible.

What you need to know about Architeture

Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art

Level and Area of Studies

Non-degree program in architecture.

Host Nationality:


Eligible Nationality:



scholarship benefit

A check for 60MTN Shortlists Candidates for 2017-2018 Scholarship Award0€ for you to spend as you like. We recommend traveling.


Eligibility and Criteria

Each student is allowed to submit their best work to each of the three categories but can only submit one project per category.

How To Apply

Please go to the link below to participate in this Arquitectura Student Awards Program.

Submission Deadline

updates on deadline will be communicated shortly, please stay tuned

Website and Application Link


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