university of virginia list of majors offered


university of virginia list of majors offered

University of Virginia has a long list of majors offered,it  is a public institution that was founded in 1819. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 16,736, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 1,682 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. University of Virginia’s ranking in the 2017 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 24. Its in-state tuition and fees are $15,722 (2016-17); out-of-state tuition and fees are $45,066 (2016-17).

UVA’s graduate programs include the highly ranked Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, Curry School of Education, School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Law and School of Medicine.

what are the type of Majors offered at the university virginia?

5 Types of Majors offered

1.Distinguished Major

Students who show exceptional promise in their major field of study and have the required 3.400 cumulative and major GPA may be eligible for admission to the Distinguished Majors Program (DMP) within their department. This program consists of advanced course work and a thesis, special project, experiment, or exhibit based on at least six credits of supervised research, advanced laboratory work, or advanced study, as determined by the department. Successful completion of the program with a University cumulative grade point average of at least 3.400 will qualify a student for graduation with distinction, high distinction, or highest distinction. Distinguished Majors Programs require that a student submit a written thesis.

2.Double Major

Students may major in two subjects, in which case the degree must be approved by both departments or interdepartmental programs.

3.Interdepartmental Programs

A number of degree programs are administered by committee rather than by departments. These include African-American and African Studies, American Studies, Comparative Literature, Russian and East European studies, all the area studies programs—Asian, Jewish, Latin American, and Middle Eastern studies; and all the organized interdisciplinary studies programs — Archaeology; Cognitive Science; the Echols Scholars Program; Environmental Thought and Practice; Global Development Studies (GDS); Human Biology; Linguistics; Medieval Studies; Political and Social Thought (PST); Political Philosophy, Policy and Law (PPL), and Women, Gender and Sexuality (WGS).

4.Interdisciplinary Major

Students wishing to focus on an area for which there is no departmental or interdepartmental major program may apply to the chair for acceptance in the Interdisciplinary Major Program.

5.Major Concentrations

Some departments and interdisciplinary programs offer concentrations in the major. Students in these departments or programs may concentrate in designated areas of study that also meet the requirements of the major. Concentrations typically involve special topics, applications, or disciplines and may include courses taken in other departments or schools of the University. The concentration appears, along with the major, on the transcript.

6.Teacher Education

Students in the College may apply to the five-year Teacher Education Program sponsored jointly with the Curry School of Education, which leads to the simultaneous conferral of both a B.A. degree from the College and a Master of Teaching degree from the Curry School of Education. Students will also be certified to teach on the elementary or secondary levels.

Undergraduate Majors offered at the university of virginia

Listed below are the undergraduate programs and degrees offered by the University of Virginia. The degrees and programs listed below will appear on students’ official academic records after they have been awarded the degree. Degrees are conferred in May, August, and December. All course work must be completed before the conferral of a degree. Students who do not complete their course work by the published graduation date will be awarded their degree at the next available degree date. Degree requirements are subject to change each year by vote of the faculties of the schools in which the programs are offered. The abbreviations used in this table include the following:

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Architectural History
Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Sciences Management
Bachelor of Science, College of Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of Science, School of Architecture
Bachelor of Science, School of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Commerce
Bachelor of Science in Education
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning
 School/Program Degree(s) Credits Required Plan

College of Arts and Sciences

African-American and African Studies BA 120 AFRAM-BA
Anthropology BA 120 ANTHRO-BA
Area Studies – Latin American Studies BA 120 ARLAMR-BA
Art-Art History BA 120 ARTH-BA
Art-Studio Art BA 120 ARTS-BA
– Cinematography
– New Media
– Painting
– Photography
– Printmaking
– Sculpture
Astronomy BA, BS 120 ASTRON-BA
Astronomy-Physics BA, BS 120 ASTPHY-BA
Biology BA, BS 120, 120 BIOL-BA, BIOL-BS
Chemistry BA 120 CHEM-BA
Chemistry BS 120 CHEM-BS
– Biochemistry
– Chemical Education
– Chemical Physics
– Environmental
– Materials
Classics BA 120 CLAS-BA
– Greek
– Latin
Comparative Literature BA 120 COMPLT-BA
Drama BA 120 DRAMA-BA
Economics BA 120 ECON-BA
– Finance
– International Economics
– Public Policy
English BA 120 ENGL-BA
– Literature and Culture
– Medieval & Renaissance
– Poetry Writing
Environmental Sciences BA, BS 120 EVSC-BA, EVSC-BS
Foreign Affairs BA 120 FORAFF-BA
French BA 120 FRENCH-BA
German BA 120 GERMAN-BA
Government BA 120 GOVT-BA
Government-Foreign Affairs BA 120 GOVFOR-BA
History BA 120 HIST-BA
Interdisciplinary BA 120 INIMP-BA
– American Studies BA 120 INAMST-BA
* Popular & Visual Culture
* Race & Ethnicity
* Southern Studies
* Student Designed
– Archaeology BA 120 INARCY-BA
– Chinese Language & Literature BA 120 INCHIN-BA
– Cognitive Science BA 120 INCOGS-BA
* Cognitive Psychology
* Computer Science
* Linguistics
* Neuroscience
* Philosophy
– Computer Science BA 120 INCOMP-BA
– East Asian Studies BA 120 INEAST-BA
– Echols Scholars Program BA 120 INECHL-BA
– Environmental Thought & Practice BA 120 INETP-BA
– German Studies BA 120 INGERM-BA
– Global Development BA 120 INGLBL-BA
* Global Public Health
– Global Studies BA 120 INGLST-BA
– Human Biology BA 120 INHBIO-BA
– Japanese Language & Literature BA 120 INJAPN-BA
– Jewish Studies BA 120 INJWST-BA
– Linguistics BA 120 INLING-BA
– Media Studies BA 120 INMDST-BA
* Media Policy & Ethics
– Medieval Studies BA 120 INMESL-BA
– Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures BA 120 INMEST-BA
– Middle Eastern Studies BA 120 INMSP-BA
– Neuroscience BA 120 INNESC-BA
– Political & Social Thought BA 120 INPPL-BA
– Political Philosophy, Policy, & Law BA 120 INPST-BA
– South Asian Languages and Literatures BA 120 INSASL-BA
– South Asian Studies BA 120 INSAST-BA
– Statistics BA 120 INSTAT-BA
* Actuarial Finance
* Biostatistics
* Econometrics
* Engineering Statistics
* Mathematical Statistics
– Women, Gender, and Sexuality BA 120 INSWAG-BA
Italian BA 120 ITAL-BA
Mathematics BA 120 MATH-BA
– Financial
– Graduate Preparation
– Probability & Statistics
– Teacher Education
Music BA 120 MUSIC-BA
Philosophy BA 120 PHIL-BA
Physics BA, BS 120, 120 PHYS-BA, PHYS-BS
Psychology BA 120 PSYCH-BA
Religious Studies BA 120 RELIG-BA
– African Religions
– Buddhism
– Christianity
– Hinduism
– Islam
– Judaism
Slavic Languages & Literatures BA 120 SLAVIC-BA
– Russian & East European Studies
– Russian Language
– Russian Literature
Sociology BA 120 SOCIOL-BA
Spanish BA 120 SPAN-BA
– General Spanish
– Linguistics & Philology
– Literature & Culture
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) CERT 15 TESLUG-CRT

Curry School of Education

Kinesiology BSED 120 KINES-BSED
Kinesiology-Adapted Physical Education BSED
Kinesiology-Exercise Physiology BSED
Kinesiology-Physical Education BSED
Kinesiology-Sports Medicine BSED
Speech Communication Disorders BSED 120 SPATH-BSED
Youth & Social Innovation BSED 120 YOUTH-BSED
Five Year Teacher Education Program
– Elementary Education MT 150 ELEM-MT
– English Education MT 150 ENGLED-MT
– Foreign Language Education MT 150 FORED-MT
– Kinesiology MT 150 KINES-MT
– Mathematics Education MT 150 MATHED-MT
– Science Education MT 150 SCIED-MT
* Biology
* Chemistry
* Earth and Space Science
* Physics
– Social Studies Education MT 150 SOCED-MT
– Special Education MT 150 SPCED-MT
* Early Childhood Developement
* Elementary Education
* Foreign Language Education
* Secondary Education

Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Public Policy and Leadership BA 120 PUBPOL-BA

McIntire School of Commerce

Commerce BSC 120 COMM-BSC
– Accounting
– Business Analytics
– Entrepreneurship Track
– Finance
– Global Commerce Track
– Information Technology
– Quantitative Finance
– Management
– Marketing
– Real Estate Track

School of Architecture

Architecture BS 127 ARCH-BS
– Architectural Design Thinking
– Architectural Multidisciplinary
– Architectural Studies
– Pre-Professional
Architectural History BARH 122 ARH-BARH
Urban & Environmental Planning BUEP 122 PLAN-BUEP

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Accounting CERT 30 ACCT-CRT
Criminal Justice Education CERT 17 CRMJUG-CRT
Federal Acquisition CERT 18 FEDACQ-CR
Human Resources Management CERT 18 HRESUG-CRT
Information Technology CERT 18 INFOTE-CRT
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS 120 IDST-BIS
– Business
– Individualized
– Liberal Arts
National Criminal Justice Command College CERT 15 PCCUG-CRT
Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program CERT 30 PREMED-PB
Procurement and Contracts Management CERT 18 PROCUG-CRT
Health Sciences Management BPS 120 HSMGT-BPS

School of Engineering and Applied Science

Aerospace Engineering BS 128 AERO-BS
Biomedical Engineering BS 126 BIOMEN-BS
Chemical Engineering BS 128 CHEMEN-BS
Civil Engineering BS 128 CIVIL-BS
Computer Engineering BS 128 COMPEN-BS
Computer Science BS 127 COMPSC-BS
Electrical Engineering BS 128 ELECT-BS
Engineering Science BS 128 ENGSCI-BS
– Materials Science & Engineering
– Nanomedicine Engineering
Mechanical Engineering BS 128 MECH-BS
Systems Engineering BS 128 SYSTEM-BS

School of Nursing

Nursing BSN 120 NURS-BSN
Nursing RN to BSN BSN 120 NURS-RNBSN

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