Study in France: The University of Strasbourg Fellowships 2018


The university of Strasburg is delighted to welcome applicants for the  The University of Strasbourg Fellowships 2018 in France. The Fellowship is designed for scholars pursuing their Advance Research Degrees. The University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS) is a fund which is initiated in order to fund excellent, original research in all scientific domains and to serve as a place of intellectual innovation. If you have an interesting and social-helping proposal for your research project, please apply for this fund and enjoy a healthy research process.

Nationality: International students

Number of fellows: Can be from 10 to 20 fellows every year

Duration: Three months to Two years


  • Can be a young scholars or advance researcher
  • Wishing to carry out research in collaboration with researchers at the University of Strasbourg and/or to use a specific Strasbourg research facility.
  • Be good at English language

How to apply: To apply, the applicant will need to register with the onlineapplication system, which will open in early September.  All Upload documents must be in PDF file and in English.

All you need are your Proposal plan and application documents.


Deadline: The application will open in early September and will end on the 2nd of October 2017

Official website:

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