University of Glasgow Scottish Undergraduate Talent Scholarships 2017- Apply


Last updated on February 28th, 2017 at 11:04 am

Brief Description

The University of Glasgow awards 50 undergraduate Talent Scholarships each academic year to support students who could face financial difficulties in taking up their place to study at the University. The value of each scholarship is £1,000 p.a. for each year of the degree programme, subject to satisfactory progress. Talent Scholarships are available to students entering any of the University’s colleges. Dental School students are eligible for a talent scholarship in their first year of study only; they are eligible for the NHS Dental Bursary in the following years.


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • be resident in Scotland for 3 years prior to the start of their programme for a purpose other than studying and  be classified as a ‘Home’ student for fee purposes.
  • be undertaking their first full-time undergraduate degree
  • demonstrate that their or their family’s circumstances are such that they may find it difficult to take up a place at the University for financial or other reasons.
  • demonstrate excellent academic achievement before starting University (see below).

Academic Criteria

The Talent Scholarships Panel will give significant weight to academic attainment.  As the scholarships are competitive, the level of academic attainment necessary to obtain a scholarship will depend on the field of applicants in any given year.  The Panel would, however, normally expect a Talent Scholarship holder to have minimum qualifications that were broadly comparable with three As and two Bs or four As at Higher.


  • All SWAP applicants (excluding Access to Sciences) are required to have a profile score of 3 As
  • Access to Science applicants will require a satisfactory profile with performance at Grade A

Open Studies Access

  • 2As and 2Bs

(Applications from students participating in other access programmes will be considered on individual merit)

HN Qualifications

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