UNICAMP, Postdoctoral Position in Biochemistry 2018- Brazil


Applicants are been invited to submit their applications for the UNICAMP, Postdoctoral Position in Biochemistry 2018– Brazil, only eligible persons will be considered for this program.


University of Campinas postdoctoral research to study the relationship between structure and function of specific molecular chaperones with emphasis in protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions. The goal is to build models to explain the mechanism by which molecular chaperones interact with unfolded substrates and transfer them to specified molecular machines. Our group seeks also to identify potential targets for therapeutic intervention.

The successful candidate will have a relevant PhD in Biochemistry or correlated areas and will have experience in techniques such as molecular biology, protein purification, molecular biophysics, structural biology and protein-protein interaction. Evidence of practical work experience in structural protein crystallography would be an advantage.


Postdoctoral position 

Application Deadline:

Application are made at anytime of the year



FAPESP fellowship (monthly stipend of R$ 6.819,30; expenditure on transport; aid installation; and research contingency funds). Main obligations: The candidate should have concluded a doctorate less than seven years before the beginning of the PD fellowship; The fellowship demands full-time dedication to the research project; The fellowship holder may not hold any formal or informal employment nor receive, during the term of the fellowship.

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