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Syrian students who are currently studying or plan to study in associate degree, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate level in Turkey will be provided with scholarships.
Applications for the scholarship programs will be received on the Internet between 01-31 March 2017. Applicants will submit their applications by filling in the online application form in full and uploading their scanned additional documents. Documents uploaded to the system by scanning must be in Pdf or Jpeg format. Otherwise, the application will be invalid.
Applications of candidates who submit false and / or incomplete information in their application will be considered invalid. If missing or incorrect statement of information is found after the student has begun to receive the scholarship, the scholarship paid must be returned by the student in accordance with the relevant regulations.
Applications made by hand or through the mail will not be accepted.
Applicants will be notified for confirmation that their application has been received.

by Only students Following WHO COMPLETE meet the criteria will be eligible for this scholarship program A .

For students Currently Continuing hwy education in a university,
• Being enrolled in a HIGHER education program A in public of universities for in Turkey (foundation, bachelor’s, by master’s and Doctorate levels),
• To be enrolled in primary education (daytime program A ),
• To be a syrian national under temporary protection or a resident (Having ID number 99) in Turkey,
• To not be current holder of : other scholarship programs under Türkiye Scholarships,
• To not be a current holder of a scholarship Granted by vBulletin® any institution or organization (Including Those for exchange students Provided, and except for Those WHO COMPLETE benefit from advanced training program A Turkish for Syrians),
• To not be enrolled in of universities for: private.

Documents the Required
• Student document
• Transcript A
• Foreigner ( identification ) document / passport or residence is certificate (with foreign ID number 99)

For new students;
• To be a Syrian national,
• To have graduated from a LOWER level of study for the level of scholarship program A applied for (eg to have graduated from an undergraduate program A for a graduate degree application) or to be graduating at the end of the current academic year,
• To not be Currently enrolled in a program a in Turkey at the level of study applied for,
• To not be a current holder of a scholarship Granted by vBulletin® any institution or organization (Including Those Provided for exchange students, and except for Those who benefit from advanced Turkish training program for Syrians).

Documents the Required
• Level Diploma or a temporary certificate of graduation
• the Passport
• Transcript A
• Additionally, for Candidates residing in Turkey;

Accreditation document for o high school graduates or the free Open education high school graduation certificate
o Foreign residence is ( identification ) or certificate (with foreign ( identification ) number 99


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