Poland/Japan Exchange Scholarship Program 2017 -APPLY


The exchange is carried out on the basis of the Polish – Japanese agreement on cooperation in science and technology. The Japanese side has 8 scholarships for postgraduate studies for a period of 18 or 24 months for students, graduates, doctoral students, research workers (before a doctoral degree) in the field of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences and for artists.
Field must be consistent with the one candidate studying (studied) so far.
Age candidate can not exceed 35 years. Upon departure the candidate must have a diploma. (MSc.)


  1. Applicants prequalified by the Polish side are proposed to the Japanese Embassy in Warsaw
  2. Embassy of Japan in Warsaw carries out a language test and an interview. Candidates valid test the knowledge of the Japanese language, and those who do not know Japanese language, or are familiar with it in the extent of teaching is insufficient for an internship in that language, in addition write English test.

The acceptance of the Japanese university candidates can apply only when they successfully pass the initial stage of the recruitment and receive a certificate from the Embassy of Japan in Warszwie.

Deadline for filing candidates: 30. 03. 2017.

Candidates from art schools and medical colleges are proposed by the stem to the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Health.

Scholarships paid by the Japanese side
NOTE: The current recruitment applies to trips which are completed in 2018. Please do not submit applications earlier than in January 2017.


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