Leadership Training Course in Hungary


Training Course

Registrations are currently ongoing for  a Leadership Training Course in Hungary. It is an intensive experience-based programme that will enable you to explore key leadership and cultural concepts and theories (e.g. situational leadership, Hoefstede’s cultural dimension theory) and their associated skills.

11-17 October 2017 | Creative Space, Hollókő, Hungary

Costs of the program

400 € for people with paid jobs
360 € for students and people with no paid jobs
60 € for CCIVS members (limited, 4 places available)

The contribution covers the following costs:
– 5-night accommodation in an UNESCO World Heritage site
– food according to your dietary needs
– rental of a training room with high quality equipment training materials.

It does not cover the travel costs, visa and insurance.
This training is not funded by Erasmus+ or any other grant.

Any question? Contact Here: 

Tamás Mahner

E-Mail: trainings@ccivs.org

Phone: +36205821051

Deadline: September 1, 2017

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