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University of Georgetown University is offering applications for the Global Competitiveness  Leadership Program (GCLP) for Brazilian citizens who is pursuing their postgraduate Studies in Leadership.

The Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCLP), offered by Georgetown University (Washington DC), aims to strengthen the capacities of a new generation of Ibero-American leaders and, in this way, promote competitiveness, progress and The international insertion of Latin America. The course lasts approximately three months, starting in January of each year.

In 2007, a partnership agreement signed with the university made Instituto Ling one of the people responsible for the selection process in Brazil.

During the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, the selection for GCLP was linked to the Vision Journalist Program. From 2013, this project was again independent, with the support of the Institute of Business Studies (IEE), Rio Grande do Sul, the Institute for Leadership Training (IFL), representations of Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, And Students for Freedom (EPL). These entities are now responsible for pre-screening and nominating applicants for the Ling Institute’s selection process to three scholarships offered annually

For more information about GCLP, click here .

Deadline:  Not Specified

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