Ethiopia Scholarships : Glimmer of Hope Foundation Scholarships for Ethiopian- 2018


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Brief Description:

Glimmer of Hope Foundation is offering scholarships  to Citizens of Ethiopia Who wishes further their Education but no financial aid. This financial aid cover for undergraduate studies, Masters and PhD studies for Ethopian students. Primarily, A Glimmer of Hope is focused on making a sustainable difference in the lives of the rural poor in Ethiopia through its innovative and direct approach to aid and development.

In Ethiopia one the African countries  , the foundation works in small, isolated communities through indigenous self-help organizations which provide:

  • clean, accessible water;
  • schools and classrooms;
  • health care;
  • agricultural support including veterinary clinics and irrigation; and,
  • emergency relief in crisis situations.Since its launch in 2001, A Glimmer of Hope has helped approximately two million rural Ethiopians to help themselves prompting the former US Ambassador to Ethiopia Tibor Nagy to describe its model as “the most effective approach to private assistance I have seen.”


A Glimmer of Hope Foundation is an international foundation that is having a significant impact on rural communities in Ethiopia and at-risk youth in inner cities.

The foundation has achieved considerable success with its pragmatic, entrepreneurial and heartfelt approach and has been recognized for its cost-effectiveness and compassion in the areas of International and Humanitarian Aid.

Recognizing that poverty comes in many forms, the foundation is also committed to ground-breaking grassroots programs for socially excluded young people in London ( United Kingdom ) and Austin ( Texas ).

In those cities, A Glimmer of Hope funds and supports community organizations operating programs that raise self-esteem, offer positive choices and develop life skills.

It has helped tens of thousands of young people since launching it operations in the UK (2001) and Austin (2003).

Through their education for children program Glimmer of Hope  have provide talented, disadvantaged Kenyan youth with high school and university scholarships, intensive mentoring, leadership training and career preparation, enabling graduates to successfully enter Africa’s workforce.

A Glimmer of Hope’s mission is:

  • Scholarship Application
  • Image
  • Internships
  • Free Scholarship
  • Job Opportunities
  • Exams
  • To spread love and humanity to beings who suffer unnecessarily,
  • To shine the light of awareness on exclusion and pain, And,
  • To offer A Glimmer of Hope to those who need one.Its model is one of social investors working with social entrepreneurs to create social profit.The foundation’s focus on people – and its emphasis on trust – extends to its partners and staff.

    Another unique aspect of A Glimmer of Hope’s approach is that 100 percent of donated funds are directed to the partners that are serving its target communities.

    This is made possible by the income arising from the foundation’s endowment being used to cover all operating overhead.

    How To Apply

For more information, see: A Glimmer of Hope Foundation Website


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