British Lebanese Association Scholarships 2017


The British Lebanese Association aims to promote relations in the cultural sphere between Britain and Lebanon. To that end, the BLA has a scholarship programme to support students from Lebanon who wish to study at British academic institutions on one year post graduate courses.

This programme is open only to Lebanese nationals normally residing in Lebanon. Depending on availability of funding, the BLA aims to provide partial funding for two or three scholarships each academic year.

BLA scholarships are currently offered in partnership with the Said Foundation and prospective candidate should go to the Said Foundation website for further information on the programme and to complete the application form online.


As British Lebanese Assocation and Said Foundation funds are limited, both organisations set strict criteria and priorities for applicants. For the academic year 2016/2017, the BLA’s criteria are as follows:

  • awards for British Lebanese Assocation funding are intended for Lebanese nationals normally resident in Lebanon
  • scholarships are offered for postgraduate study or training only. Applications for undergraduate study cannot be considered
  • evidence of proficiency in English is required and must be at the level required by the chosen academic institution in the UK
  • applicants must hold a first degree of a high enough standard to indicate that they are likely to complete successfully their proposed course of study at a British university or other higher education institution
  • applicants cannot be considered if they have not followed the proper application procedures for the chosen UK academic institution and completed the online scholarship application form to be found on the website of the Said Foundation
  • priority will be given to candidates who have some work experience and who can demonstrate that their studies will benefit their field of work on return to Lebanon. If candidates do not have work experience, evidence of voluntary or community activities or participation in activities whilst at university will be taken into consideration
  • applicants are required to demonstrate that they have the potential to be leaders in their field
  • applications from candidates whose siblings or spouses are currently being supported by the Foundation cannot be considered
  • applications from students who already have partial funding under another programme may be considered.


Please ensure that you complete the online application form of the Said Foundation. Once an application is submitted, the applicant should inform the British Lebanese Association at that they have made the application including full name and date of birth of the applicant, contact details and details of the course for which a scholarship is being sought.

Please note that the Application for 2017/2018 has closed should be reopening later this year.

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