Top 5 Categories of Scholarships in Cyprus,


Top 5 Categories of Scholarships in Cyprus,

Alot of universities offer scholarship base on varying factors  to the most prestigious, outstanding and self-confident students. However, this wont fully benefit them because of inadequate knowledge on what its about . For that reason , world scholarship forum have written this piece  to educate the ignorant and to reveal the true value of various scholarships available to international students studying in Cyprus.

Types of scholarships Obtainable in Cyprus, Europe.

Scholarships are most often offered in the form of academic merit grants, need-based assistance, government subsidy, homeschooled scholarships and so many more. Each scholarship is well  designed to formally  assist student embarking on each featured field. Along with all these general financial support are various rewards for outstanding students.


These scholarships could either be full, half, or a small percentage to settle a portion of the tuition fee.They  are limited in supply (3-4 per year) , and are often given to the first year local students or EU citizens. The recipients are chosen based on their past academic performance.

More so, these scholarships are automatically awarded local students and EU citizens whose high school leaving certificate fall within a specific range. Hence,these are awarded for the first two semester of the students’ tertiary education, and vary according the individuals’ high school grades and GPA.

19.50 AND ABOVE 30%
19.00 – 19.49 20%
18.50 -18.99 15%
18.00 18.44 10%


Scholarships based on current academic performance are offered to the best student after the completion of the first academic year. To be considered for the scholarship, however, grades must fall within these ranges.

4.00 40 – 50%
3.75 – 3.99 20%
3.50 – 3.89 10%



Here the Citizens and a particular groups of EU students are permitted to apply for this. These subsidies act as financial aid to students struggling with finance, thus, this is not always the same in some case. The subsidy could either be €2,563 or €3,417. It performs the role of a scholarship as tuition and expense are cut down to some extent, great or small alike, depending on the field you indulge in.

3. work study scholarship

Students, both international and local are offered working opportunities within the campus premises, along  with a range of part time jobs. Each student would work for a total of 20 hours each week and are remunerated  in either tuition or wages.



This form of scholarship is offered as a discount to only local citizens and EU scholars, irrespective of their academic performance. This is as follows:

  • Scholars coming from low income earning families . Basically families with financial incapacity.
  • Students in a large family (minimum of 4 children)
  • Families with more than one child schooling in the same institution in the semester.

This scholarship is strictly offered to students that demonstrate their financial needs between their cost of attendance amount (COA) and the availability of funds to settle college expense.


In this form of scholarship the government of Cyprus sponsors a portion of the student’s living expense, tuition, travel expense, books, accommodation etc. Students are allowed to apply for this does depend of on students academic performance


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