5 Most Common Difficulties You Can Face During Studying in College


5 Most Common Difficulties You Can Face During Studying in College

College life is a new beginning when you are just out of school and it as may well be one of the finest days of your life. You make great friends, great adventures and great memories. But on the other side of the moon, things do tend to get a bit dark.

College life certainly can be awesome, but it is not without its own troubles. Some problems may be trivial, but others lead to serious repercussions. Like any other thing, the first step in solving a problem is first recognizing it. So here are the most common problems faced by college students:

1) Time Management

We never really learn to manage time until it is too late (pun intended). The main problem lies with the transition from an easy-going school life to a hectic college life. The recent trend in education is to pack maximum topics in minimal time (in order to cover maximum skills required in the real world). But the problem is, it alone covers most of the day. And after that, students have assignments, practice and other trivial things like having food or sleep. The result is that they find it extremely hard to manage things in their daily routine, missing out one thing or the other.

2) Projects

The real boss-villain of college academics is surely the projects and thesis. The problem arises when you are writing a thesis paper on a topic you barely understand but yet chose too. There is no real explanation why students chose to do it, but most agree that it is largely due to pressure- either the pressure of college to do something better or the pressure students themselves put on themselves in order to prove themselves better. Yes, we know a good thesis help your career to quite an extent. But most students go over the top while choosing their subjects, and fall into depression when they are unable to deliver.

The easiest way to deal with this is to understand your strengths and weaknesses. If a subject doesn’t appeal to you, do not opt for it- no matter how lucrative it might look. If you do have to write a project on a topic you are not familiar with, opt for a thesis writing guide. Also, take help from wherever you can.

3) Adjusting to a new environment

Yes, it is surely a part of the journey, but different people have different rates of adjusting to a new environment. Most people leave home for the first time for their college and soon suffer from homesickness. Another problem is making new friends. You are forced to leave an established friend circle behind and start from the scratch- never an easy thing. Yet another problem that students face is making good first impressions. Really, many students have claimed that a single embarrassing incident at the start of their term had led to insulting nicknames and unfounded prejudices for the rest of the college life.

The solution to this is tricky since social interactions can not be bound by a technique. But the simplest way is to talk to new people. Even if you are an introvert, talking to some people won’t do you any harm. Even if people make wrong prejudices about you, make sure they know you well enough eventually, instead of taking offense and staying away.

4) Money troubles

Living outside the comforts of home is never easy in the pocket. Sure, your parents would keep sending you the money, but sometimes it isn’t just enough. The pressure from richer friends often leads to an unfair desire for more money. When they are unable to get it, they sometimes turn towards criminal offenses like stealing and fraud.

Also, many students undertake professional courses by taking student loans. While the intention behind this is good (not wanting to put the burden on parents), it does put a massive stress on students for earning as soon as they get out of the college. Many students take jobs they didn’t want to do, only so that they could repay the loan.

The solution? Don’t hang around with guys who expect you to spend more than you have. If money is the primary basis of your friendship, then it isn’t a good friendship, to begin with.

5) Depression

This is the most serious problem students face while at college. The huge burden of academics, the stress to be ahead of others and the issues of social and personal relationships- all could combine into a dangerous scenario. Studies have found that most of the students face difficulties in sleeping and concentrating. Many were found using sleeping pills and other sedatives to calm their mind, while a substantial number admitted to using drugs. Yet, the number of cases of depression in students is rising every year and so is the number of suicides.

This is a very unfortunate situation and one that requires fundamental reforms in the education system. But as an individual, there is much you could do. First is to avoid using any sedatives without the prescription of the doctor. Visit a psychiatrist if you think you are facing symptoms of depression. Talk to your friends, those who are mature enough to understand your situation. But most importantly, do not lose hope.


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